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Our WikiLeaks Section is divided into two categories followed by sub-categories, the first is the “original transcripts”, and the second are “responses to” many of the wiki leaks. To search for any given article you can use the our websites search, or return to this page and search through the titles by sub-category.

Understanding cables
Every cable message consists of three parts:

The top box shows each cables unique reference number, when and by whom it originally was sent, and what its initial classification was.
The middle box contains the header information that is associated with the cable. It includes information about the receiver(s) as well as a general subject.
The bottom box presents the body of the cable. The opening can contain a more specific subject, references to other cables (browse by origin to find them) or additional comment. This is followed by the main contents of the cable: a summary, a collection of specific topics and a comment section.

To understand the justification used for the classification of each cable, please use this WikiSource article as reference.

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Section One – RP Wiki Leaks

(a) AFP-PNP-DND  (78 Cables)

(b) Church in Politics   (15 cables)

(c) COIN and Mindanao War & Conflict   (176 cables)

(d) Corruption   (27 cables)

(e) Economy, Trade, and Industry Regulation and Dev’t   (258 cables)

(f) Education and S & T   (5 cables)

(g) Elections   (54 cables)

(h) Environment, Climate and Disaster   (63 cables)

(i) Health (22 cables)

(j) HR, EJK, and Women & Child Welfare   (241 cables)

(k) Nuclear Energy, Proliferation, and Alternatives   (8 cables)

(l) Other Categories   (2 cables)

(m) Other Diplomatic & Commercial Reg’l-Int’l Engagements   (429 cables)

(n) Peace Talks   (109 cables)

(o) Phil. Gov’t and Politics   (170 cables)

(p) Social Justice   (4 cables)

(q) US Mil Intervention   (83 cables)

(r) USAID, US-RP Relations, and US Econ-Pol Intervention  (256 cables)

Section Two- Wikileaks Analyses

(a) AFP-PNP-DND – Analyses (3  responses)

(b) Church in Politics – Analyses (2 responses)

(c) COIN and Mindanao War and Conflict – Analyses (12 responses)

(d) Corruption – Analyses  (4 responses)

(e) Economy, Trade, and Industry Regulation and Development – Analyses  (4 responses)

(f) Elections – Analyses (3 responses)

(g) Health – Analyses (3 responses)

(h) HR, EJK, and Women & Child Welfare – Analyses (5 responses)

(i) Nuclear Energy, Proliferation, and Alternatives – Analyses (2 responses)

(j) Other Diplomatic & Commercial Reg’l-Int’l Engagements – Analyses (2 responses)

(k) Peace Talks – Analyses  (4 responses)

(l) Phil. Gov’t and Politics – Analyses (21 responses)

(m) Social Justice – Analyses (1 response)

(n) US Mil Intervention – Analyses (6 responses)

(o) USAID, US-RP Relations, and US Econ-Pol Intervention – Analyses (13 responses)