Apr 192013


UP Students protest Proclamation 1017


In the wake of the Arroyo “Proclamation 1017” students of UP lend a strong voice to the denunciation of both Arroyo and the tactics used by her to retain power.


Regretfully many images were slightly off focus due to poor lighting, but we included them to give you a better insight of this event.



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 DSC02569  DSC02570
 DSC02571  DSC02572
 DSC02573  DSC02575
 DSC02576  DSC02577
 DSC02578  DSC02579
 DSC02581  DSC02582
 DSC02583  DSC02584
 DSC02588  DSC02589
 DSC02591  DSC02593
 DSC02595  DSC02596
 DSC02597  DSC02598
 DSC02599  DSC02600
 DSC02601  DSC02604
 DSC02605  DSC02607




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