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                         UP Manila-PGH GAMOT(Gloria Arroyo Move OuT)

      The UP Manila/PGH GAMOT calls for the resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo .  Composed of health workers/professionals and students’  organizations of UP Manila/Philippine General Hospital, together with some NGOs, it is a coalition that joins the nation in its clamor for truth and government accountability.

     We believe that Mrs. Arroyo, by her own actions or inactions that substantiated the “Garci tapes” ,has betrayed the public trust and has raised questions on her moral ascendancy and legitimacy to govern.  This electoral fraud allegation has brought the scandals afecting the Arroyo Presidency to an intolerable level.  It has been mired with issues of jueteng payoffs, massive corruption, fiscal and worsened economic crisis, and human rights violations.

     The alarming developments worsened the already ill status of the people including health care and education.  On the other hand, economic policies rob the people of their meager hard-earned income through government prioritization of debt payment over social services, continuous oil price increase and a threat of an added tax burden(EVAT).  Concerned with the long-standing government neglect on the basic needs and problems of the people, we deemed it necessary for the President, together with Vice President Noli de Castro to step down from office so that substantial political, economic and social reforms can be initiated.

     The recent killing of the impeachment process shows the rottenness of the current system and further weakens the credibility of our state institutions.  The Arroyo administration has deprived itself of clearing its name through a process that the President herself challenged her critics to air their grievances.

     People’s direct collective action is most relevant at this time.  As Section I, Article II of the 1987 Constitution declares that “Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them”, the people should exercise their constitutional rights.  We, therefore urge the people to remain vigilant of the political developments and to actively take part in the historical events of pushing not just a change of President and government officials but for relevant social reforms.  We, constituents of UP Manila/PGH, the country’s premier Health Sciences Center, as we uphold our commitment to be of service to the people and continue the legacy of social activism, are one with the Filipino people’s demand and fight for genuine democracy and sovereignty.

     The President’s call for unity without accountability is a call for forgiveness without repentance.  Her declaration of the impeachment killing as political maturity is an insult to genuine democracy.  An unprincipled recondiliation would not lead to the nation’s healing.  We believe that GMA’s resignation can heal the nation’s divisiveness.  So, we say, GAMOT para sa Sambayanan: Gloria Resign!


               All-UP Academic Employees Union Manila

               All-UP Workers Union Manila

               UP Manila University Student Council(USC)

               Pangkalusugan Lingkod Bayan(PLB)

               ASAP-Katipunan Student Alliance

               Alyansa Para sa Pagtatayo ng Konsehong Bayan(APAKABA)

               Utility Workers Association(UWA) – Philippine General Hospital

               Ugnayan ng Manggagawang Pangkalusugan(UMAGAP-PGH)

               U.P. Manila Collegian

               ISKOLAR Student Alliance

               PGH Physicians Association(PGH-PA)

               Health Alliance for Democracy(HEAD)

               Association of Community-Based Medical Practitioners

               Community Medicine Development Foundation, Inc.(COMMED)

               Youth-DARE-UP Manila

                Concerned Alumni of UPCM


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in Sept 19th 2005




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