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Unity Statement of the

Resistance Against State Terrorism (Resist!) 


We are freedom and peace-loving Filipinos from various sectors of society, aware of the implications of the ongoing US’ war of aggression against many countries, alarmed over President Arroyo’s all-out support to it at the expense of the people’s basic human, civil and political rights. We commit ourselves to the Resistance Against State Terrorism (Resist!). 


GMA’s support of US war is anti-democratic and anti-people. It lays the conditions for further repression and sets the stage for outright fascist rule in the guise of anti-terrorism. The Arroyo government is wielding power through state terrorism and has totally shown her loyalty and servitude to the US war of aggression.  


GMA’s perceived terrorists include members of progressive peoples’ movements critical of its pro-US policies and programs. Under the panic drive against its unseen enemies, they become the government’s easy targets as ‘enemies of the state.”  


We condemn the resurgence of militarism and rising state-terrorism courtesy of the Arroyo government. Already, rampant human rights abuses, officially denied, have been committed against helpless civilians particularly in the urban poor communities and peasant areas. The dreaded secret police and community-based intelligence and spy network had been revived and has sown disunity, individualism and terror among the urban and rural poor. 


The Arroyo government has unleashed the state’s military and police forces against the people. GMA’s pledge of a “strong republic” has become a curse to human rights.  


Experience has taught us to be on guard. We believe that the US war against terrorism is in truth and in fact a war against many nations and peoples for the US’ geopolitical gains. Such war that has made our country its second front after Afghanistan, does not involve us and would not redound to our collective interests as a people and nation.  


We oppose the US war of aggression! We oppose the Arroyo government’s subservient effort to suppress and repress the people’s democratic rights in the name of such war! We oppose state terrorism! 


We call on the people to oppose the resurgence of fascism! We call on all peace and freedom-loving Filipinos to assert their democratic rights in the face of rising state terrorism.  





Resistance Against State Terrorism (Resist!)

December 7, 2002


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2002




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