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KARLA T. JUBILO                                                                        TJK, DS 199.1

01-50750                                                                                       JULY 6, 2004




UNCOVERED: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War


          Neo-conservative domination has reached its peak where US reigns supreme-world’s super power country and reserves its power globally. This statement was supported by Graham Fuller whose dedication in Foreign Service lasted in 21 years. He bluntly called this as imperialism.

          The Uncovered is a well-documented film where every bit of information was presented particularly statements coming from the experts-CIA analyst, secretary of defense and ambassadors. It succeeded in presenting multi-faceted views regarding the 9-11 incident. The most common notion was that US is after for the seizure of the world’s second largest oil reserves located in Iraq which is expected to peak in eight years and it would be an economic tragedy for US oil companies if they would not partake in this windfall. Oil is part of the US geopolitical objective to maintain its world hegemony. And Rumsfeld didn’t even bothered saying that the incident could be used for their own interest. Moreover, Saddam had been on the UN watch for over a decade charging for having weapons of mass destructions (WMDs).

 I accede on the views of David Corn, Washington editor stating that White House had based on circumstantial and inferential evidence. They have not relied on longer-range evidence. In building up to this, the US administration tried to galvanize support and and manufacture its legitimacy for its planned war of aggression by controlling and manipulating information and its channels of dissemination–force-feeding the population with false reports about the threat of weapons of WMDs in the hands of Saddam Hussein. And to succeed to their agenda, military was used as toolbox for their attacks. We have witnessed US imperialism kills thousands of Iraqi civilians in less than three weeks and invading its national patrimony. These hasty measures are unethical and immoral. Though Saddam Hussein was suspected of having WMDs, still, they haven’t found evidence. Bush has distorted beliefs. The US administration could hardly find evidence which will convince everyone that Iraq Regime has biological weapons. They were very inconsistent regarding this matter. Few more months before the bombing of the pentagon, the UN Chief Weapons Inspector stated that none biological weapon was found and this was very contradicting on Collin Powel’s Speech in UN Congress.

          This powerful documentary film unmasks the actions of the Bush regime-the predatory and brutish nature of US imperialism. This is a warning of threat that poses against humanity especially to us Filipinos. This is a must see for everyone in deepening people’s understanding of the imperialist system. It exposes the underlying causes behind recent developments in the world situation so we will not be misled into believing that US imperialism is the result of neo-conservative like Bush.

          The lesson to this film is to speak for the truth and learn from the pasts. The main threat to our independence and security is and will always be US Imperialism which has been asserting itself for over a century. Our country today is being threatened in terms of independence, sovereignty, freedom, self-determination and economic growth.

          We must learn that the US has no permanent ally and/or adversary; rather they have a permanent interest. Let us be unified and defy the maneuverings of the US.



The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2003

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