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June, 2009

                          TO A DEAR LEADER IN KOREA

     It does not contribute to the cause of global peace when you test and explode  nuclear weapons underground as you did on May 25 and many times before that. The experience during the Cold War era has only proven that the argument  “nuclear deterrent for self-defense” is a sham and only contributes to a never-ending cycle of a nuclear arms race. And you cannot win that race in nuclear technology and nuclear weapons because your economy cannot sustain this kind of race that will only deny more food and basic services from the your people. This is what it has done to the United States, the former Soviet Union, and other states that have developed and now possess nuclear weapons.


Surely, no one can deny that the Yankee imperialists and their allies and others who already possess nuclear weapons are hypocrites. They rhetorically condemn the nuclear weapons development of other countries while maintaining and even developing even more sophisticated nuclear weapons for themselves. Obviously, they want a monopoly of nuclear weapons using the Non-Proliferation Treaty, to blackmail and intimidate small countries with their lethal toys of mass annihilation.


But you should not be like them. If you think you are a better society, then show us and the world by your example that you do not endanger your people and our planet with nuclear technology and nuclear weapons. If you do not have the moral ascendancy for ensuring peace and security, then you are no better than those that you condemn. Defend your sovereignty? There is nothing revolutionary about contributing to the nuclear arms race. You will only legitimize nuclear weapons development in international relations. And it will be a step backward.


If you want moral ascendancy over the imperialists occupying the Korean peninsula, support in both words and deeds the proposal for a Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, an initiative  that will surely greatly ease the tensions in East Asia and and contribute to regional and global security.  The paradigm of arms control and nuclear disarmament is a step forward. A movement toward a nuclear free world is indeed more revolutionary than following the path of self-destruction by the hegemonic imperialists.


Let us create a new world free from nuclear threats, nuclear weapons and nuclear terror across national boundaries.

* Article by Roland G Simbulan – For a full professional background of Professor Roland G. Simbulan (Click Here)


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