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July, 2004




We congratulate the Philippine government for its decision to withdraw the contingent of Filipino soldiers and policemen in Iraq in order to save the life of Filipino truckdriver Mr. Angelo de la Cruz. It was simply the right thing to do. It is also the sentiment of the Filipino people.

This is not submission nor capitulationism. In the first place, we had no business in sending an armed contingent IN SUPPORT of the U.S. invasion and continued occupation of Iraq. The Philippines as well as other countries who sent soldiers in the guise of humanitarian missions to Iraq were hoodwinked into supporting an unjust war and illegal invasion of a sovereign country, an act anchored on Bush’s lies. Bush lied to the American people as he lied to America’s “coalition of the willing” allies. They are now all bearing the burden and sorrow of bringing home hundreds of bodybags of their young men and women. On a strategic level, American interventionist policy is also being buried in Iraq by the Iraqi people through the traditional and historic methods that they have buried past foreign invaders who dared desecrate their soil.

The invasion and occupation of Iraq had no UN backing and in fact went against the wishes of the the United Nations Security Council. The “interim” government created and installed by the United States last June 28, 2004 is nothing more than a puppet government headed by an acknowledged Iraqi CIA operative. Let those who advocate continued support for this foreign invasion and occupation be the first ones to volunteer or to send their sons and daughters to die on Iraqi soil for America’s oil companies and interests.

We are not foreign vultures who like making money and big profits out of the oil robbed from the Iraqi people, nor should we seek contracts for reconstruction as a result of the U.S. carpetbombing of the Iraqi people and nation. We are not like the 15,000 private contractual mercenaries from the foreign companies who are literally making a killing out of services ranging from security to anti-terrorism to destroy the resistance of the Iraqi people versus foreign occupation. We do not agree with their methods that they have revived from the time of the Crusades, but in contrast, the refusal of the captors of Angelo de la Cruz to accept a $1 million ransom shows the real spirit of the Iraqi resistance, which neither money nor bribes could buy.

We do not lose face, nor honor when we stand up to a bullying superpower and say NO to its wrongdoings and global interventions. We should not have been hoodwinked into supporting this invasion and occupation of Iraq in the name of anti-terrorism.

We cannot continue to be canon fodders for America’s imperial ambition in Iraq or elsewhere.


* Article by Roland G Simbulan – For a full professional background of Professor Roland G. Simbulan (Click Here)




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