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June,  2003



We have an unelected president of the planet, George W. Bush, Jr.. While many in the United States claim that he cheated his way to the presidency of that country, we say, we did not elect him. So, why is he behaving and acting like the president of our planet, such as when he declares, “We must be ready to attack in any dark corner of the world.” He believes that his well-oiled(!) military machine is THE policeman of the world such as when he invades another country, and occupies it to “turn it into a democracy”. Now, he plots to invade other countries, but he has to be selective, because I am sure that if Iraq had no oil and only grew radishes, he would not have invaded that country even if it had a rotten dictator ten more times evil that Saddam Hussein.

But Bush never listens to advise such as when millions of voices in the streets of the world declared peace over war on Iraq. Bush only listens to the echo of his own voice, or perhaps, the inspiration of an unseen God? In 1898, then US President William McKinley said that God had given him the order for the U.S. to invade, occupy and colonize the Philippines to civilize and Christianize its inhabitants. Bush may claim to be inspired by the same God, but why would God now give contradictory orders to Bush and to the Pope?

But perhaps, Bush’s God and pope is really his spiritual advisor, the Reverend Billy Graham. Graham is now also a celestial surveyor, who, in a public declaration, was able to measure paradise, and it is rather small, he says — it measures only 1,500 square miles! The chosen will be few. I am sure that the souls of Bush’s civilian victims in Iraq were not factored by Rev. Graham in his estimation of the chosen few who will make it to Paradise.

Here in the Philippines, Bush has a little drummer girl. Her name and initials are easy to remember because they are those of a leading national television network, “GMA”. Like Bush, we never elected her President, because she was really elected Vice President. She is now the favorite drummer girl of Bush’s global wars, including that being waged in Mindanao. GMA has violated her own constitution and has called on U.S. special operations forces to annihilate her own people and to desecrate the national territory.

In the latest update from the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development(DSWD) as of May 18, 2003, the raging U.S.-backed war in Mindanao alone has affected a total of 266 barangays in 67 municipalities and 3 cities across 12 provinces of Regions IX, X, XI XII and the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao or ARMM. There are , according to DSWD 168 evacuation centers serving a total of 40,000 families or 207,239 persons inside and outside the centers.

This has become part of a war declared by a foreign president we never elected president and by a little drummer girl that we also never elected president. It is a war backed up globally by an army for the oil industry, and declaring a war on “terror” , even if it is a vague enemy, the means to fight it are unconstitutional , and the means have the effect of violating people’s rights, everywhere, including those of the American people.

The president of our planet thinks that he invented an original global doctrine called, “preventive, or pre-emptive defense”. And, by the way, did you know that in 1953, US President Dwight Eisenhower said in a speech that “preventive war” was invented by Hitler?


* Article by Roland G Simbulan – For a full professional background of Professor Roland G. Simbulan (Click Here)




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