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Statement of Iraq Solidarity Campaign on the Subic Rape Case



Statement of Iraq Solidarity Campaign on the Subic Rape Case The case of the Filipino woman allegedly raped by US soldiers in Subic Bay echoes the allegations of rape cases in Iraq, where US soldiers — as in the Philippines — are also immune from legal prosecution.


The Iraq Solidarity Campaign­ Philippines condemns rape, impunity, and domination anywhere in the world.


The ISC- Philippines is a broad coalition of social movements, political parties, religious organizations, women’s groups, NGOs, and other organizations and individuals that has been campaigning for an end to the occupation of Iraq and the US war of aggression.


As part of the anti-war movement, the ISC expresses its continued opposition over the use of military force in achieving whatever immoral agenda the United States has in its continued pursuit of global domination. Military intervention has been proven time and again to be a vicious strategy by powerful states to oppress the sovereignty of other nations, as the ongoing destruction of Iraq would prove.  Foreign military presence has negative and harmful effects on other

nations and their people.


The Philippines has a wide range of experience on this, particularly on the abuses made by military personnel on Filipinos during their stay here. As the US continues its dream of building a global empire, it has also continued to showcase its disrespect for human rights and peoples’ security. The recent involvement of the six US marines in the

rape of a Filipino woman is a glaring example of the abuses that occur while these personnel are on ³official mission².

We demand that the United States government bring them to justice and give up their custody to the Philippine



We are equally dismayed at the posturing of Philippine government officials who are seemingly intimidated and taking sheepish actions on this case. They have been delivering one vague statement after another, echoing the equally blurred provisions of the RP ­ US Visiting Forces Agreement of 1998. We would like to reiterate to our

government officials, particularly in the Department of Justice and the Department of Foreign Affairs to handle this case with conviction as this involves the violation of the rights of a Filipino citizen whom they are duty-bound to protect and serve. We call on them to immediately take custody of the accused, lest they be the laughing stock of the whole world for failing to protect their own people within their own territory.


We urge the Congress to scrap the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) as it is a mere cloak of the United States towards its ambition of global control. We should never have opened our shores again to foreign military intervention.  The VFA was precisely put in place to give immunity against the laws and jurisdiction of the Philippines to US military personnel assigned here.  The Philippines is now experiencing the ill effects of the VFA and it is high time that we take action so that history will never again repeat itself as it has many times before with the chains of abuses done by the US and its crew. It is time we free ourselves from the rusty chains of US manipulation in our soil, even as we condemn in it elsewhere.


We support the people who are putting up a courageous battle against the strong and influential opposition. We urge the victim not to let up on her journey towards achieving justice as this fight is not only hers but also of the hundreds of victims of abuses and injustices in the country and in the world.


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip on Nov 30th 2005




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