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ls_sp_John23-02We are planning to integrate nine days of a worldwide Prayer for Peace into Sacred Space from 23/02/03 until 03/03/03. Since this year is the 40th anniversary of the great encyclical, Pacem in Terris, of Pope John 23rd, written during the Cold War, we are going to base the theme of the nine days on that encyclical.
The two changes will be that our opening ‘Prayer Advice’ will change each day, with quotes from the encyclical and prayers from different religious traditions. At the end of each day’s prayer, we will be led to a window containing two quotes from the Beatitudes (Matt. 5).
Whatever you can do to spread the word in your parish, or in your local newspapers or other media outlets, will help to ensure that these days of prayer come from the hearts of a worldwide community united in prayer. We offer a suggestion for a “church bulletin announcement” and a “press release”. Please take the bulletin announcement along to your church and suggest that it be placed in your weekly newsletter, or even that it be announced from the pulpit.

Suggested Insert for Bulletins
Pray for Peace On-line!

From Sunday February 23rd to March 3rd thousands of people around the world will pray together for Peace in the World at Sacred Space, Each day’s prayer will be inspired by the words of John 23rd, first published in Pacem in Terris forty years ago this year. Prayer does make a difference!
You or some member of your community may be in a position to pass on our press release to persons in the media who might be happy to convey news of this special event to their readers or listeners. Please do so as soon as possible.

Press Release

Worldwide Prayer for Peace9 Days of Prayer On-Line


Lord, make this world last as long as possible
Prayer of an 11 year old Indian boy on hearing of Sino-Indian border fighting.

This prayer will be echoed around cyberspace as Sacred Space,, the Irish Jesuit On-Line prayer site, launches 9 days of prayer for world peace on the 23rd of February.
This initiative is inspired by the 40th anniversary of Pope John 23rd’s famous encyclical Pacem in Terris, written at the height of the Cold War.
Sacred Space has had almost 6 million visits since 1999 and is now translated into 15 languages, including Japanese, Catalan and Latvian.
Site organiser, Fr. Alan McGuckian, SJ, says; “Many thousands of people pray at Sacred Space each day and the feedback from all over the world says that they want to be part of a world-wide prayer for peace.”
On each of the nine days the site will highlight a reflection on a theme from Pacem in Terris, and will include a prayer from one of the major world religions. “Pope John’s words struck a chord with all people of good will back in 1963,” Fr. McGuckian said; “It’s worth our while to listen to them again today.”

Final Suggestion

One of our visitors, who contributed a poem to the Christmas edition of Latest Space, forwarded these words, which she had sent to those on her mailing list:

A while back I shared with you that I had found a web site called “Sacred Space”. A wonderful friend gave me the address and I just love it – . It’s a daily devotional, and I have made friends with Father Gerry there. I shared my poetry with him…  Well, last week, he asked me to write one for the nine days of prayer that they are hosting 2/23/03 to 3/3/03. We shall see what they do with it. And if they don’t use it, remember those dates and pray for peace, we can all make a difference. Yes, we can.

I Can Make A Difference
When will there be peace? Will I know it when I see? Does peace depend only on others? Or does peace begin with me?
The world is in such a state, there is much to be done. And who am I to make a difference? I am only one.
But there is power in numbers, when we pray for each other. And if one person prays, today, soon there will be another.
One by one, perhaps millions, praying for the common good. So with that, in mind, I can make a difference, yes I could.
Written by Frances Berumen 05/02/03  

I am sure you will agree with Frances. You, too, can really make a difference. You can forward this letter to those on your mailing list. But, above all, we hope that you will join our world community in prayer for world peace, especially during those days from 23/02/03 to 03/03/03.

With best wishes from the Sacred Space team Jesuit Communication Centre, 36 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2003




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