Mar 122013

Statement of Concern from the Officers and Secretariat of the Freedom from Debt Coalition

Dear Friends and Partners,

The Officers and Secretariat members of the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) of the Philippines express extreme alarm over recent declarations and statements of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) naming individuals and organizations in the progressive and left movement as “counter-revolutionary.”  Such statements subjects these individuals and organizations to political attacks and possible physical violence.

Our extreme alarm is not without basis.

Over the past 10 years and in recent months, certain personalities from the left, known to have had differences with the CPP and labeled as “counter-revolutionary”, have been targeted for assassination and have actually been murdered in cold blood.

Among those named in the CPP’s recent “list” are officers, long time-activists and partners of FDC, namely, our Vice- President, Ricardo Reyes; Secretary-General Lidy Nacpil; leaders of organizations who are members of the FDC Board, Manjette Lopez and Sonny Melencio; past FDC board members Isagani Serrano, Joel Rocamora and Etta Rosales who is now a parliamentarian; and Walden Bello with whom FDC has worked closely at the national and international arena.

The charges of the CPP against them are unfounded.  They have been outstanding activists and leaders of the progressive movement in the struggle against neoliberal globalization and in the pursuit of a democratic alternative.

The leadership of the CPP and its allied organizations should immediately withdraw their recent issuances and desist from further attacks against political activists and groups in the progressive movement.  We call on them to stop the killings and end its policy of violence to settle political differences with other left and progressive groups. 

We urge all other democratic and progressive organizations to take a stand against this policy of intolerance and violence, and join efforts to foster unity in advancing the people’s struggles towards a better world for all.




Ana Maria R. Nemenzo


Freedom from Debt Coalition


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in Feb 22nd 2005




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