May 052013
Note: This poem is dedicated to my father, Dante, PMA class ’52, who celebrates his birthday on May 3, 2013. He was a class ’52 graduate of the Philippine Military Academy. His military career was initially was with the Army’s elite unit, the Philippine Scout Rangers, and later, as a member of the Corps of Professors at the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City.



Roland Simbulan
You are a true soldier
Of the Filipino People
True Son of an anti-imperialist:
General Gregorio del Pilar
Your Alma Mater’s revered name.
You are a true son
Of the Filipino masses
Not of the greedy oligarchy
Even in your Scout Ranger days
You questioned:
“Whose side are we on?”
You are a true soldier
Of the Filipino People
Imbibing Love for Country
Patriotism, Nationalism
To cadets, officers, students.
You are a Soldier of the People
Disciplined in mind and body
Ageless, in a true Spartan Way
Your endurance inspires us
We salute you!
May 3, 2013.



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