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COTANGENT – By Daphne Cardillo


                   At the start of this century when I had frequent meetings with my psychic friends we always get into conversation on metaphysics, on healing, and on esoteric matters.  Agnes, who with her deep mind is steeped in occult studies always confound me with her questions on reality.

                   I know her meaning of reality and it is in the spiritual realm or idealism but that I cannot easily adopt for practical use.  My engagement with the world and response to people and events would be totally altered if I take her stand.

                   Even at a limited angle I still prefer to see reality at ground level, trying to make a balance between what I see and what ought to be.  So it was sometime in the year 2003 that I made some notes in response to her queries.  To wit:

                   “July 13, 2003.  This just came upon me.  Maybe you should stop asking “what is reality.”

                   Any answer to that is still dependent on the level of consciousness one has.  And the level of consciousness one has is largely dependent on how developed the mind is, which is also dependent on the stage of evolution the physical body has achieved.

                   Our consciousness is still bigger than our environment.  Yet, we need a certain kind of environment to generate a certain kind of consciousness.

                   At least at this point in time when the needs of the body are generally met, the area of the psyche is now given more attention and concern.  For all we know there is more to man than what we perceive him to be – body, soul, spirit.  A century from now our whole truth would only be a percentage of the truth for people who would be living by that time.  It could even be modified, or totally altered.

                   Since Einstein’s theory of relativity, rapid changes occurred in the last fifty years.  It opened a whole new world.  But the world it opened could still be just a fragment of everything that exists, only undiscovered.

                   Blavatsky prophesied something like in the late 20th century more people will be clairvoyant or have more developed psychic abilities.  Not that I believe that it is destined to happen, but it is a probable effect of technological change.

                   If one notes about cyberspace, it is not anymore on the sphere of the visible.  It is in the sphere of the spirit, of the invisible.  But it is universally accepted because it is owned by science.  All these electronic devices – especially in the fields of medicine and defense – perform more magical events than any religion would profess, but they are not seen as magic or miracle and even questioned “is it the truth?”

                   Just the simple internet – it operates better than democracy.  It equalizes all.  And the power of information and communication frees us from our restricting environs.

                   I believe in “probabilities” (statistics).  The more variables you have, the more combinations you have and the bigger your world.  Say if two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen make up water that is one entity – one combination.  Now if one or more variables are feasible; fused by accident, discovered, or tested, it makes up another combination.  It becomes a reality, whether we like it or not, or consider it false or an illusion.  We cannot anymore negate its existence.

                   And probabilities operate in all spheres of life.

                   Anyway, it is not a question whether reality is absolute or relative.  If it’s immutable it will live independently inspite of us, or of anything in this world.  If it’s changeable then we are encouraged to shape it according to our own will, but only up to a certain amount one can handle.”




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