NOTE: This page will be removed once the website is completed, during the build I will keep everyone posted with the progress reports.

Note the dates here are  all based on Pacific Standard Time


Rebuild Update: December 4th 2014

We will soon start reviewing what might still be missing, the most important portions of Yonip are now back online and Google stopped blacklisting us for falling victim to the hacking attack we survived.


Rebuild Update: October 29th 2014

Our WikiLeaks Section is now completed, we will take a short break and be back to review what else is still missing from Yonip.


Rebuild Update: October 22nd 2014

Work continues on our WikiLeaks section

Rebuild Update: October 5th 2014

We are nearing the 1000 mark for posted Wiki-leaks, were almost at the halfway point.

Rebuild Update: September 27th 2014

We have been working on the Wiki-leaks for a few weeks now, we have about 750 cables posted at this date.


Rebuild Update: September 12th 2014

We changed the link color to increase visibility.

We fixed the alignments in the About Us page.

We changed the way each article displays in the category list, before it displayed a small preview, however the pages were getting so long that to find a given article would take to much scrolling, so we opted to go less (pretty) and more effective.

Today we started working on the replacement of the Philippine WikiLeaks.  We are currently uploading the AFP-PNP-DND section of RP Wikileaks  the main new link to this library can be found at the top menu as of today.


Rebuild Update: November 27th 2013

We will now replace a very popular section from our old website called “Peace Race” “PEACE ICONS”  The lives and famous writings and work of the peacemakers.

Rebuild Update: November 25th 2013

Progress is going slower than expected, a lot of time constraints and time conflicts, but we managed to completed the update of the historical videos section.

Rebuild Update: October 28th 2013

We started to rebuild the Historical Videos Section, this will be a slow process due to the upload time required for each video.

Rebuild Update: October 26th 2013

We were able to do a full backup based on what was on Yonip on the 24th 2013, so now we will continue with the rebuild of Yonip.


Rebuild Update: October 24th 2013

We competed a correction to the entire COTANGENT Section. We are presently working on

Philippine-American War – Miscellaneous War Photos (page 2 as many of the images still need to be uploaded.

Rebuild Update: October 22nd 2013

We are back, and we hope we will be able to complete the rebuild of Yonip over the next 6 months as time will allow. We were (gone for a while) due to hacking, it could not have come at a worse time, we moved from one home to another, and lost our internet connection for over one month. This followed by the time of year when we leave for vacation, but the good news is were back, and we remain committed to this project.

Rebuild Update: May 14th 2013

  • We are still working on the History Section under our Philippine Culture section, there are a lot of photos that also require labeling, and videos that will take some time to upload as well as made operational.

Rebuild Update: Apr 30th 2013

  • The Cotangent Section of Yonip is now completed.
  • Next we will focus on uploading from our old website the section and subsections of the History Section
  • Note: As we have many other commitments this time of year, progress will be more sporadic as will be our updates here.


Rebuild Update: Apr 30th 2013

  • We will continue to replace all of the articles in Cotangent Section of Yonip
  • The transition from the old website to this new one did not go as smoothly as planned, we will spend the next few days fixing any known errors. Please feel free to let us know about any errors, because when we already have over 1000 pages, they become very difficult to spot.

Rebuild Update: Apr 19th 2013

  • We are now in the process of uploading all of our Cultural Section, this could take some time due to the nature of a lot of the material being posted.

Rebuild Update: Apr 16th 2013

  • We completed recommended links today, all links are confirmed working.

Rebuild Update: Apr 12th 2013

  • Next on our list we are working on all the sections in the Yonip menu that fall under “Yonip Extra’s”

Rebuild Update: Apr 9th 2013

  • We are still working on the “Organizations” section, with 2 completed and 2 remaining.

Rebuild Update: Apr 6th 2013

  • We are back home again, and now working on “People’s Task Force for Bases Clean-up” articles.

Rebuild Update: Mar 23rd 2013

  • We have completed all of the libraries that appear in the Articles Archives and Primary Sections on the side. Also completed are a few sections in the menu at the top of the page, and we will continue to work on them in 2 weeks’ time.

Rebuild Update: Mar 22nd 2013

  • We have been slowed down by a flu bug, but even so we are still hard at it. Next we will upload “Various Official Statements”


Rebuild Update: Mar 20th 2013

  • We completed the transfer of the About Us page
  • If you look in the Articles Archive menu, we are down to the last 3 sections, all the rest have been completed.
  • We missed posting here yesterday, we did complete the “The Online Chit Estella Reader” today.
  • We had to move the  “The Online Chit Estella Reader” to the top menu bar, because the one on the side does not allow for a dropdown menu.

Rebuild Update: Mar 17th 2013

  • We are now working on the “The Online Chit Estella Reader”
  • The section we are working on next is “Review Essays”

Rebuild Update: Mar 16th 2013

  • We will now upload the “RECOMMENDED BOOKS, FILMS & MEDIA” section.
  • We completed the “Opposition to War” Section

Rebuild Update: Mar 15th 2013

  • We also added another feature, rotating banners, but we only have 3 at the moment, in the future we will add more.
  • We are now uploading the  “Opposition to War” Section
  • We completed the “MISCELLANEOUS DOCUMENTS” Section

Rebuild Update: Mar 14th 2013

  • We have made lots of little visual changes, as well as some corrections.
  • We corrected our website name back to its original name.
  • We replaced our ico with a new one, the Philippine Flag (the one you see in your URL as well as bookmarks.
  • We are downloading missing material (videos) that should have been in our old website but somehow got lost. It always amazes me at how many errors we did not pick up on in regards to our old website.
  • Added more articles in the “MISCELLANEOUS DOCUMENTS” Section

Rebuild Update: Mar 13th 2013

  • Adding more articles, we are presently uploading in the “MISCELLANEOUS DOCUMENTS” Section
  • We updated to a new menu system today, many sections will be added once were ready for them.


Rebuild Update: Mar 11th 2013

  • We are testing a new theme today where we use as a background the wood from the Philippine narra tree.
  • We are presently uploading the MISCELLANEOUS DOCUMENTS from our old website.
  • No major changes, we are back to uploading (editing and formatting) articles.


Rebuild Update: Mar 10th 2013

  • Massive setback, I have to back and correct a typo at the bottom of every article. I can’t leave it that way regardless of the time required to fix it.


Rebuild Update: Mar 9th 2013

  • We continue to upload more articles.

Rebuild Update: Mar 8th 2013

  • We continue to upload more articles.
  • We have changed the font size for titles in articles, to a more reasonable size.

Rebuild Update: Mar 6th 2013

  • When we removed all the plugins we also removed our stats, so stats are back but we lost all the previous visits.
  • I was asked why it takes so long to upload a section of posts, for those who wonder why the answer is some posts are formatted to work on HTML but turn into garbage once paste to WordPress, so they can take up to an hour to fix ( a near complete re-write of the article)Other issues are videos, or other large files than can take close to an hour to upload (some even more)It really depends on the page, if it contains a lot of images, it will take a lot of work to replicate that here, plain text can be done in less than one minute, while some posts can take up to a few hours or more.
  • Today were uploading a lot more articles, after all it’s the content that will consume the greatest amount of time. We will leave any other changes for another day.


Rebuild Update: Mar 5th 2013

  • We added an important element in regards to keeping our database clean and optimized, meaning removing old revisions, deleted entries, old drafts and optimizing the database tables, all by way of an plugin that does this for us automatically once a week.
  • All articles have now been updated; we will now continue adding articles again.
  • I thought it might have some merit to open the comments box, in case anyone wanted to share information, or ask about building a website using WordPress.
  • We are making visual changes on the fly, they may not be mentioned here, one change I should mention is to the view you get when you click on an section to get a list of articles in that section. If the article has an image in it, it will become the thumbnail image of that listing, if not it will get the thumbnail of the section you are looking at.
  • We managed to add a lot of our previous plugins and discovered it was the one that allowed us to have the latest 10 posts on our front page that was the cause of the major slowdown of our website. We did not reinstall it but we will at a later date find a plugin that will do the same job without costing our website its speed.
  • We will continue adding image links to the bottom of all existing articles before we add any more articles.
  • To help speed up loading and publishing time we turned off the Google Ads, and will restore them once we have completed the website.


Rebuild Update: Mar 4th 2013

  • Most of what was posted below is now redundant due to having to delete all our plugins (plugins are features that allow you basic program to do many more things based on a per need basis.  So I removed all of our now redundant updates.


Rebuild Update: Mar 3rd 2013

  • While we add the image as mentioned below, we will also be adding a new header image for every Yonip Editorial.
  • I have decided to go back and edit every page we uploaded so far and add an image at the bottom of each page that links back to the category of the article it was posted in, the reason for this is that many people arrive to a given article via a search engine. The image at the bottom will help them find more articles in a given category.


Rebuild Update: Mar 2nd 2013

  • We will continue adding posts today, it’s going to be slow slugging as we I am down with a flu bug, so I will stay away from any technical changes for a while.