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Born in 1994, the People’s Task Force for Bases Clean-up (PTFBC), as a post bases programme under the Nuclear Free Philippines Coalition, strongly advocates for the clean-up of former U.S. military facilities in the Philippines. It pioneered in bringing awareness on toxic and hazardous wastes in the country as well as campaigning against its production and dumping by industries and corporations.
The PTFBC was the main co-organizer of the First International Forum on US Military Toxics and Bases Cleanup held in Manila, Philippines in 1996. It subsequently pushed for the investigation of Clark and Subic by American consulting firms that confirmed 46 contaminated sites and successfully accomplished the phenomenal health survey of 13 communities at Clark with world-renowned epidemiologist Dr. Rosalie Bertell.PTFBC worked closely with the US Working Group for Bases Cleanup which now forms part of the Filipino/American Coalition for Environmental Solutions (FACES), a broad network of US citizens addressing a broad range of concerns related to the Philippines.

Most importantly, PTFBC operates with the support of valuable friends and volunteers who believe that foremost of all, Filipino dignity must be upheld by pushing polluter’s responsibility and clean-up in the country’s worst disaster ever: human-made environmental destruction.




Where aggression and domination among people and nations are replaced by interdependence in mutually benefiting relationships;
Where the health and security of every community is of primary concern to governing bodies;
Where environmental justice prevails regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, and economic status;
Where governments are responsible for the consequences of military action towards the people and the environment.




To seek U.S. responsibility in the comprehensive investigation and cleanup of toxic and hazardous waste left behind by U.S. military forces in its former bases in the Philippines.


• a health program and medical assistance for the toxic waste victims of Subic and Clark;
• Community organizing of victims and survivors, firmly believing that “in number there is strength” to be able to push for cleanup and rehabilitation of victims;
• Provide linkage to individuals and groups that could provide alternative well and clean water to communities in peripheral areas of Clark:
• Policy advocacy;
• Health survey and monitoring;
• Facilitating legal assistance, help victims and survivors to air grievances in proper forum such as but not limited to filing of appropriate cases in courts for damages;
• IPEN Focal Point, through the Phlippine POPs Elimination Network, serves as the working group for the global campaign to eliminate Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs).
The Philippine coordinator for the International Network on Military activities and Environmental justice (INME)


Board of Trustees:


Chairperson:  Von Glenn Hernandez  

Co-Chairperson:  Susan Pineda

Secretary:   Desiree Bans Guasch  

Treasurer:  Prof. Beth Roxas



Prof. Roland Simbulan

Celia Valencia

Dra. Corazon de Jesus

Bobby Montemayor

Connie Dumdom


Legal Counsel:

Atty. Alexander Lacson

PESALAM Law Offices


 Exec.Director:  O’lola Ann Zamora-Olib


Field Coordinators/Volunteers:

Olongapo Area: Connie Dumdom &

Bobby Montemayor, etc

Pampanga Area: Dory Aguilar, Norma Austria, Emma Razon, etc   


Honorary Chairperson: 

Corazon V. Fabros


Important Links

ARC Ecology

Contact Person:


Ms. O’Lola Ann Z. Olib


Address:  National Office:

#14-A, Rd 11-A, United Paranaque

Subd.V,, Paranaque City, 1713 Philippines


Telefax: (632) 788-0238

email:  basecln@yahoo.com


Mobile:  09273860152; 09215543248; 09278017036(Pampanga); 09194250146(Subic)



 Read our book:  



The Human Face of the
U.S. Military Contamination at Clark Air Base, Pampanga, Philippines


Edited by:  

O’Lola Ann Zamora-Olib





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