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Statement on Clashes in Sulu

February 15, 2005

Sulu Civil Society Organizations
Pagtabangan BaSuLta

Bismillahir rahmanir rahiim.

Whereas, the ongoing open hostilities between the MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) -MBG (Misuari Breakaway Group) and the Armed Forces of  the Philippines (AFP) which started on the eve of February 7, 2005, have  caused severe anxiety and fear upon the innocent civilians and/or constituents of Sulu most especially the vulnerable groups such as the children, women,  and the elderly who are directly affected in conflict zones;

Whereas, no matter how ambiguous the nature, facts and circumstances of the offensive launched by the MNLF-MBG leader Ustadz  Habier Malik, the clearest picture that is glaring before us is the “urgency of a ceasefire” and a subsequent “good faith” dialogue between conflicting parties in order for truth to come out and reconciliation be forged anew;

Whereas, it is sadly a folly for the Government to opt for engagement and to nix the call for ceasefire from the Sulu stakeholders such as the civil society and its duly elected local officials because this rejection contravenes the constitutional provision that “Civilian authority is at  all times supreme over the military”;

Whereas, it is equally a folly for the MNLF-MBG to nix the call for ceasefire and to opt for RTC (Release of Nur Misuari, Talks, then  Ceasefire) because this contravenes the MNLF-MBG’s self-pronounced mandate as “vanguards of the Raayat”;

Whereas, this has ceased to become a “just war” between the combatants because it has obfuscated reason and objectivity due to passion and vindictiveness on the part of the AFP who lost a number of its key  officers and soldiers in the name of protecting the Philippine flag and the Philippines, and on the part of the MNLF-MBG who lost a number of its freedomfighters in the name of protecting Islam and the Muslims of Sulu  from human rights violation;

Whereas, this war is devastating in as much as it has undermined peace and development initiatives both of the local and national government along  with the support of CSOs and all stakeholders, wasted sacred innocent lives,  and hundred millions of pesos in terms of military expenditures;

Thus, be it resolved, that the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as Head  of State and Commander-in-Chief of the AFP declare a ceasefire in the spirit  of mercy and sobriety by listening to and heeding the appeal of her citizenry from the remote autonomous province of Sulu; and that the MNLF Chairman  Nur Misuari, albeit incarcerated pending judicial judgement, exhort its  MNLF-MBG to heed the call for ceasefire from the citizenry whom it owes its vanguardship so that we can all give the budding seedling of hope for  peace and prosperity nurtured by its fledgling Sulu Provincial Government under the helm of Gov Benjamin T. Loong the crucial chance that it needs in order to grow into a sturdy tree and eventually bear fruits for the Sulu Raayats to reap. Insha’Allah.

Done this 3rd day of Muharram, 11 February 2005, Sulu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Office, Santanina Rasul Compound, Jolo, Sulu.

Warina Sushil A. Jukuy Abdusali Ahalul Sulu-CSO Co-Convenor Business Sector Convenor Pagtabangan BaSuLTa Pagtabangan BaSuLTa Chairman, Jihad-al-Akbar Foundation Chairman, Jolo Federation of Peace Advocates Muslim Women Peace Advocates Treasurer, Sulu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Convenor, Silaturrahim Peace and Unity Task Force Chairman, SMED Council

Muksan Taguidid Tuan Jamal Hanani
Non State Armed Group Convenor Sulu-CSO Convenor, Muslim Sector
Pagtabangan BaSuLTa Pagtabangan BaSuLTa
Vice President, SCCI Bangsamoro Youth Assembly (BMYA)

Ustadz Ibrahim Ghazali Fr Jose Ante, OMI
Sulu-CSO Convenor, Muslim Sector Sulu-CSO Co-Convenor
Pagtabangan BaSuLTa Pagtabangan BaSuLTa
Al-Adzhar University of Cairo Mission-Phils
Grand Mufti of Sulu

Hadzer Birowa Tuan Saukhani Kimpa
Co- Convenor, CSO Sulu Civil Society Assembly
Pagtabangan BaSuLTa Vice-chairman External Affairs
SecGen, Ittihadush Shabab al-Muslimeen-United Muslim Youth Asian Muslim
Action Network-Phils

Vandrazel Birowa Hji Nuraini H. Indanan
Chairman Member
ISA-UMY Silaturrahim Peace and Unity Task Force


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip on February 22nd 2005


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