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Oppose US Terrorism!  

Reject GMA’s Support to the US War on Iraq, Assert Our Democratic Rights!


The world is in the brink of war, whether Bush formally seeks UN backing or not. The Philippines is dragged into this war. The Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo regime’s commitment to the US global war  of domination makes this certain. War despite growing opposition from the Filipino people and the rest of peoples and nations worldwide.


The saber-rattling by the US is now amplified by the war drums of  thousands of soldiers poised to attack, armed with weapons and backed by war machines that are capable of genocide and irreparable economic and environmental damages. This is the might the US brandishes not only against Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi people but over billions of people worldwide. But such bullying by armed might also bares the inherent weaknesses and decadence of imperialism which has plunged the world in unprecedented crisis.


Who wants this war?


Not the Iraqi and the Arab peoples who have the right over their oil resources that the US wants to covet. Not us Filipinos, especially our 1.3 million OFWs working in the Middle East and their families and dependents. We are now even more involved as the US, with GMA government’s total support, plans to use our country as base for its military adventurism in Southeast Asia and the world.


Not the American people who are being deprived of jobs and benefits as the US government spends more for destruction and for keeping a huge and complex war machine.  Not the peoples and nations who resent and resist this war which objective is the control of oil and market. Not them who assert their independence against the unilateralist and anti-democratic conduct of the US.


Only the US wants this war. The US that has monopoly of weapons of mass destruction to protect and grab colossal interests in oil and other strategic sources of strategic raw materials. To dominate global market in both finance and merchandize and thus rule the world economically and militarily.


The GMA government, at the great cost to people, adheres to these policies of the US. It is subservient to US designs and is a willing tool in the trampling of Iraq’s and other Southeast Asian nations’ independence. It is utterly denying us Filipinos of our right to decide on bilateral and multilateral agreements the government is entering into such as the MLSA, joint war exercises, IPP contracts and the AFTA. It is enacting laws, such as the Special Purpose Asset Vehicle, that systematically deprive us of rights over our national patrimony and open it to foreign plunder. It is robbing us of decent living with new taxes, increased tax rates, high prices and lower wages and salaries. It is poised to curtail and deny us of our democratic rights and civil liberties with the  monstrous, comprehensive Anti-Terrorist Law.


We are now at the great crossroad in our destiny as a nation within a community of nations.  We can never allow the Philippines to be used and Filipinos to be tools in the designs and schemes of imperialist US. We can never let ourselves be reduced to submission and offered as sacrificial lambs in the bloody altar of imperialist war and plunder.


Let us unite and resist all attempts by US imperialism and its lackey, the GMA regime. Let us oppose the imposition of a regime of repression, terror and deception, catering to policy of aggression and plunder of nations and peoples.


No to War for Oil and Global Domination and Plunder!


Resist Imperialist War; Assert Our Democratic Rights!

Fight Tyranny; Oppose the Anti-Terrorist Law!

Fight for Our National Sovereignty!

Oppose GMA Regime’s Subservience to US Imperialism!


Resistance to the Resurgence of State Terrorism! (RESIST!)

February 3, 2003  


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2003




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