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07MANILA268 2007-01-24 03:34 2011-08-30 01:44 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Manila

DE RUEHML #0268 0240334
O 240334Z JAN 07



E.O. 12958: N/A
SUBJECT: NSDD 38 – U.S. Department of Defense, Department
of the Navy Request to Add One Position in Manila

REF: A) SECSTATE 00232; B) NSDD-38 Case Number DoD

¶1. The Chief of Mission hereby approves the Department of the Navy’s
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) request to add the
following direct-hire full-time permanent (DHFTP) position in
Manila. With this additional position NCIS will have an authorized
position level in the Philippines of six USDH.

— Special Agent, GS-13

¶2. Staffing levels at Post have remained constant since 2002, while
ship visit support and other Mission requirements have increased.
The NCIS and its Force Protection offices in Manila are heavily
involved in providing and coordinating USN and host nation support
to our visiting warships and exercises. Additionally, the Commander
Pacific Command, Commander Pacific Fleet and Post all agree the aim
is to expand traditional USN warship port locations to other areas
of the country in order to increase engagement, and to allow U.S.
military members to enjoy liberty in these locations. Due to
political reasons, liberty incidents involving U.S. military
personnel must be responded to in a rapid fashion. Maintaining
extensive liaison contacts with host nation security and law
enforcement agencies is vital to this effort and the overall Force
Protection support package provided by NCIS. The addition of one
NCIS Special Agent will allow for greater ability to respond to
criminal violations of the U.S. and host country laws and provide
greater flexibility to NCIS in the service of traditional DoD/DoN CI

¶3. Mission Manila understands that:
a) The position does not require additional office space.

b) Housing will be assigned by the Inter-Agency Housing Board
(IAHB). As with all housing assigned by the IAHB, it must comply
with OBO space standards and be approved prior to occupancy by both
the Facilities Maintenance Office and Regional Security Office for
safety and security. Furnishings are being arranged.

c) The new position will fall under the authority of the Chief of
Mission, or in their absence, the Charge d’Affaires.

d) There is no one presently at the Mission who has the expertise
(or time) to fulfill the functions of the position.

e) An NSDD-38 employee is the only way the function of the position
can be met; no other solution will provide the U.S. expertise and
the continuity required to make such a position a success.

f) This staff change was not reflected in our most recent MPP. Given
the recent concerns over the Philippine/U.S. Visiting Forces
Agreement, COM and PACOM have determined that further engagement in
the Philippines is necessary. This engagement will be realized
through additional exercises, port visits, Community Relation events
(COMREL) and Civil/Military Operations throughout the country. Each
of these will require NCIS Force Protection and law
enforcement/investigative support.

¶4. The position will be funded directly by NCIS, using a NAVFAC
ICASS code. Financial Management Center has prepared an ICASS
full-year estimate in the amount of $18,570. ICASS cost centers to
be subscribed to include basic package, health services, security
services (American), Community Liaison Office, shipment and customs
services, travel services, mail and messenger services (American),
vouchering, and cashiering. NCIS agrees to reimburse State for

non-ICASS costs for meeting security standards, outfitting space and
other costs if appropriate. Please be advised that eligibility for
Post’s Health Unit services requires that all personnel and their
eligible family members complete their medical clearance process
prior to arrival at Post. Medical clearances are coordinated though
the Office of Medical Services, Washington D.C.

¶5. Mission Manila looks forward to working with NCIS and the DoN to
establish this new position.




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