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It is ironic that those who are so vehemently agitated by the nuclear weapons testing of North Korea are the nuclear armed powers themselves. At least, North Korea is doing the testing on its own soil. In contrast, the big nuclear powers like the U.S., France and UK tested nuclear bombs and missiles in the Marshall Islands, Tahiti and Austalia, causing untold sufferings and radioactivity among many indigenous peoples in those islands and countries.


And are those who are  getting so hysterical about Iran’s nuclear development program likewise hysterical about Israel’s own nuclear weapons stockpile?


What sanctions is the collective will of the United Nations imposing on the exclusive club of nuclear powers?


Don’t these countries have the right to self-defense by following the example of these powers by arming themselves with the state-of-the art weapons and to stop the bullying by the nuclear superpowers?  It is as if a few countries who have already gone nuclear are the only ones who have the right to develop  and even test them.


But definitely, this is not a justification for anyone going nuclear.


We must be reminded that it was the United States that first developed nuclear weapons.  It is the only country in the world that has so far actually used it not once, but twice, against a civilian population. No other country in the world, not even the America’s adversaries during the Cold War, had ever used it against a civilian population  as the U.S. did against cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.  So North Korea does not have the sole monopoly of “irrationality ” in developing nuclear weapons, and does not have the track record of irrationality of exploding it on civilian populations like the United States did. Remember, the United States has never officially apologized to Japan nor to the Japanese people for making them human guinea pigs in the detonation of these dreaded weapons of mass destruction.


When it comes to nuclear weapons disarmament, those who are crying wolf are actually the wolf themselves. They are the worst examples of those whom they condemn, and this makes them less credible before the eyes of the world for their double standards.


Nuclear weapons in today’s international real politik, as the history of nuclear weapons have shown, don’t  have to be exploded or detonated to be used. Its possession is used to threaten others even without detonating it.  Much like a gun being pointed at somebody, without actually firing it, but it is effective in making the intended threat.


The United States is in the best position to show the world that it is anti-nuclear weapon in words, but also in deeds. It should set the example to North Korea and Iran by drastically reducing the strategic and tactical nuclear weapons  in its arsenal. It should stop the development and actual use of “mini-nukes” such as depleted uranium (DU) cannons which are a new generation or  types of nuclear weapons that have been used in Iraq during the first and second anti-Iraq wars in the early 90s and 2003. Setting the example in nuclear disarmament by the United States and the other existing nuclear powers is the best way to show the world especially to North Korea and Iran that nuclear weapons are a bane to humanity and should never be developed again.


Talking  about double standards.  Here in the Asia-Pacific, the United States 7th Fleet has long been patrolling the oceans and even endangering our harbors when they are in port visiting our harbors with their nuclear-armed vessels and submarines, and it is only anti-nuclear activists and Greenpeace who care to raise a howl.  Host governments do not even care nor verify if these U.S. nuclear-capable and nuclear armed ships are carrying nuclear weapons, for they only care that the visiting U.S. soldiers are bringing their green bucks with them to spend in the local girlie clubs.


And at least, North Korea does not deny having nuclear weapons and does not resort to a “neither confirm nor deny policy on nuclear weapons”  as the U.S. Navy does, even when it is already so obvious.


No to nuclear weapons proliferation. No to nuclear double standards.

* Article by Roland G Simbulan – For a full professional background of Professor Roland G. Simbulan (Click Here)


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