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Concepcion, Tarlac,



October 14, 2002


His Excellency GEORGE W. BUSH

PRESIDENT of the United States of America

White House, Washington, D.C.


Your Excellency:


            As a concerned citizen of the world, hailing from a very small Republic – the Philippines with a democratic form of government and a member of the United Nations Organization, upholds the universal principle of equality, justice and independence. The Philippines as a member of the United Nations Organization had one time been represented by a Filipino leader who acted as secretary thereof (the late Gen. Carlos P. Romulo) for several decades as history will bear me out that the UN is an instrument of peace as it was mandated.  The alarming creation of his Excellency to wage war against Iraq is humbly perceived the herein writer as against and contrary to the tenets and principles associated by the leaders of nation, members of UNO. The incumbent leader of Iraq might be tagged as tyrant, human right violator to his own people but Iraq as a sovereign nation must be given a paramount consideration.  In effect, the misdeeds of Saddam Hussein should not be the responsibility of a sovereign nation for if at this present generation nuclear weapons will surely cost worldwide devastation, economic, trade and environmental sanctions.


            Should the impending war be not aborted may cause miserable pain, chaos to the other citizens of the world not only to the frontliners that may be assigned, hailing from different countries will in one way or another send troops to join the rally or can’t, thus initiated. Scientific evidence shows that low-level chemical exposures are dangerous which causes long term medical problems. Even U.S. troops will be vulnerable to chemical and biological warfare agents, gas masks, detection alarms and protection suits don’t work (according to internal Department of Defense). Another war will only increase the radioactive and toxic contamination. Are U.S. troops fully trained about these hazards? Based on documentary record of Depleted Uranium after effects, exposures to soldiers on the battlefield could be significant with potential radiological and toxicological effects, the most exposed individuals are probably ground troops that re-enter a battlefield. In addition, uranium projectiles have caused severely maimed soldiers, deformed babies and dying children. Use of nuclear weapons (fuel air explosives, daisy cutters, microwave weapons and cluster bombs) will destroy not only human lives but will contribute more to the alarming level of environment or may pose for its complete destruction which will make soil unfit for cultivation for several years, thus bringing hunger to the rest of the land. Wars have always been against humanity. It involves question of social, environmental, economic and morality. Another war would mean another massacre not only of soldiers but of civilians as well. It is that civilians populations are the most vulnerable to any war and conflict, it thus, reproduces more wars and hatred. Another war for an invasion for one man is not worth one more life. With your hi-tech “efficient” bombs today, with the highest nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in the world, could just flatten the entire Iraqi nation, not just Saddam Hussein.


            Your Excellency, in my teenage life I can say that there is no place conducive to stay and leave with in an atmosphere where peace, love and understanding reigns. The possible destabilization of world organization will certainly be affected. We must wage peace.


            In it in this context your Excellency that I write this simple message of concern as a young citizen of the world who has no other aspiration in so far as the world relationship is concerned that peace, understanding, unity should prevail among nation. In effect, I plead to you to reconsider your stand for the sake of global unity and environmental balance.



The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2002



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