Apr 132013

Dear Mr. President,

                Greetings from the Philippines! I am Robert John C. Cabrera, a student from Manila. I am in deep sympathy with what happened last Sept. 11, 2001 and I strongly believe that the stars and stripes will rise fearlessly again. Thanks also to the power of mass media and technology, since the latest and fresh news from around the world is just accessible with a click. The recent blast in Bali, Indonesia may yet be another setback for the international community, but as promised, the Philippine government, with our president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, as a dear ally, will continue to support your country in the intensifying campaign against international terrorists and networks. Meanwhile, here, we are yet playing another waiting game - this time, with Iraq, once again. In the early 90's, I could still remember during the Gulf War, the effects of that conflict not only affected the Philippines, Asia, but the whole world as well. There's a chain reaction amongst the Asian nations, which all worry about the increasing oil prices -  which would later breakdown the emerging economies. Due to President Saddam's intention to invade Kuwait, many people lost their lives, livelihood and stronghold. Now, it would be another tough decision to make, if, Pres. Bush, to strike attacks on Iraqi soil once again. If I'm in your place, it would be a really hard task for me to do such thing. You accuse the Iraqi government of producing Weapons of Mass Destruction, and on the other hand, the Iraqi government  as opened it's doors for others to see that they had absolutely nothing to hide. The UN now, I believe, is only a single step away to adopt a resolution regarding the Iraq issue and tougher inspection of weapons.

                But one thing I owe to you, Mr. Bush, please don't wage a war with Iraq right now. It seems to me that you're ready to strike Iraq at any moment as the Congress permitted and gave you authority to do so and by also sending key battle staffs to Kuwait. It is said that sometimes, waging a war is a necessary evil to achieve peace, but I think, it's not that right, and even if you disregard UN's decision regarding this, please think of the consequences ahead that the entire civilization will encounter - that this may ignite WW3, coinciding with your another problem - that is, Osama Bin Laden's terroristic and inhuman acts which may cost millions of lives the time come when the Arab World sympathize with Saddam Hussein, and remember, there are novictors in wars - only losers.

                We must, as the people of this world and as brothers in only one God, respect the dignity and gift of human life. I know that Saddam and Bin Laden are both threats with also different outlooks in life and destiny.  But they must still learn to use the peaceful and diplomatic way whatever their reason behind their activities and individual thinking and not such a traituous one - like using chemical/germ/ bacteria warfare or continuing bombings worldwide victimizing innocent civilians - which is against the teachings of the Qu'ran itself. We mat restart again and forget our past. We must not use religion as a basis for a worthless struggle, we are all equal.  We must think twice first before doing every act. And if we calm down a little and settle it - ending up in a lasting compromise, I think the United States of America would be on the right track towards achieving world unity, peace, understanding and cooperation in the 3rd Millennium.

Thank You.


Robert John C. Cabrera


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2002



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