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October 16, 2002


Pres. George Bush Jr.,


After the 9-11 tragedy, US waged an all-out war against terrorism pointing out all the blame for the tragedy to the terrorists in the name of Osama Bin Laden. Your definition of a terrorist, “those who are not with you”, gained an overnight success manifested by simultaneous signing of lateral agreements belligerent to terrorists with countries all over the world including the Philippines. And these agreements are taking action in various forms in concerned countries. In the Philippines alone, alleged terrorist groups like Abu Sayyaf and NPA are being subjected to nationwide manhunt not for being kidnappers alone but also by being supposed terrorists.

Just recently, with your proclamation of aims to bomb Iraq, Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is somewhat having plans of volunteering our airspace and some bases for your consumption as a sign of support, which is also linked to your agreement to fight against terrorism. Reasons from your side to justify this plan have been so far inconsistent and fishy. First, that Iraq is safekeeping armaments that can cause massive destruction and killing. Second, the alleged connection of Saddam Hussein to the Al-Qaeda network of Osama Bin Laden. But all these things have to be proven yet because they are all assumptions and that were taken to be true just to find an answer to the tragedy that happened to 9-11. Lastly, talks from around the world say that your aim of bombing Iraq is mainly caused by your purpose to seek revenge to Saddam Hussein because of his aims of killing your father Bush Sr. during his term as president.

Sir, I really do not approve of this aim. But to tell you I am also against terrorist. But to tell you the truth nobody can ever tell who is what. Taking your definition of a terrorist is risky, confusing and misleading. It is very subjective for when it will be used by the terrorists; it will be you who is a terrorist. I believe your accusations are premature and have to be proven yet. Moreover, if this were so you do not have any right to wage war against Iraq. The memories of 9-11 tragedy is, I think, an effective tool to move your constituents’ emotions to approve and justify your aims but I think you are kind of maximizing, if not abusing, the use of 9-11 tragedy for a reason to fight against your enemies. If allegations were true that you want to bomb Iraq to seek revenge to Hussein, Mr. President that is a wrong undertaking. Sir, the presidency is not a venue for you to redress your personal grievances, if I may remind you. Why do not you just talk and settle this concern with him, if possible, as ordinary people and not as presidents of your respective countries.

I believe that US is the country of the free but won’t you ignore the fact that along with this freedom is a responsibility; to protect and respect others’ rights as well. It is inevitable that other countries like Philippines will be affected once all your plans against Iraq materialize. It will kill thousands of innocent lives and destroy millions worth of crops and properties.

If you will still continue in your feat to attack Iraq, there will be no difference between a terrorist and YOU. Maybe because if that happens you will cause massive killing of innocent people and destruction of properties just what happened to 9-11 tragedy. Others say that it may be the start of the World War III but sir, don’t you remember that your duty is to protect your people from harm and famine. Your plans of attacking Iraq maybe supposed as a defense mechanism for the posing threats from terrorists but your actions may have been overreacting. Placing strategic troops and structuring facilities in areas around Iraq may be too much for a defense but may be considered as a form of aggression and also a way of posing threat to Iraq.

Sir, I am appealing to your sympathy for the innocent lives that will be involved with whatever is going on between you and Hussein. It is unjust to ignore the presence of other significant creatures of the Lord just to satisfy your worldly aims. Who are you to have a right to take back what is given to us as well as to your people by GOD?

I believe this is the time to reflect on the things we did in the past. Maybe it is now time for us to ask forgiveness for all the wrong doings that we maybe unintentionally did before rather than fight against each other and seek vengeance by resorting to self-destructing ways like wars.

I am hoping that this letter of mine may enlighten you. God bless you and your country!

Hoping that things will go just right,


Rencie Silva


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2002



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