Apr 132013

Dear Mr. President
Honorable George W. Bush:


The strength of America has been recognized by all the countries in the world during the World War II. It is well respected because of its achievements, economical power, and its military power as well. Now that the military force of your country is preparing to showcase your power in Iraq, It will be the first time that I will witness what I have read in books about the one aspect of United States, war.  

I have not experience war in the years that I live in this world. It has always been an imagination while I read my books or hear stories.  And from what I have read, every war results to nothing good.  I understand that you have been in this predicament with Iraq since 1991 when Iraq invaded Kuwait. Furthermore, with the Middle Eastern country manufacturing chemical and biological weapons of destruction, it is a major threat not only to United States but to the whole world. Iraq could be supplying weapons to terrorist groups, especially those who have a grave anger with the United States.

Throughout the course in history, it has been known that the United States also possesses superpower weapons of destruction. It can be recalled that your country is the only one who used them not only once, but twice. If you are to stop other countries of manufacturing this kind of weapon, you should stop doing it yourself. As much as possible, talk things diplomatically and do not always resort to violence. There are rumors that besides the danger of weapons manufacturing, you also have an economic interest for the rich oil industry in the Middle East. It can be recalled that you always resort to war in pursuing your economic interest like what happened to the Philippines in 1940’s. This is also true with Vietnam and Cuba. Rumors it can be, but you cannot blame others for they already know your strategy.

Think of the many lives that would end if this war continues. Think of the miserable things that could happen again. I am not pro to Iraq’s wrong practice, all I am saying is that let us take more time to talk things out. Furthermore, this can be a threat of a World War III if terrorist countries and all countries against US will join in the war. When this happens, we do not know how much destruction and hardship will be experienced by the Americans, Filipinos, and all the people in the World. Peace be with You.


Ramon Jose C. Sison


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2002



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