Apr 132013

Mr. George Bush
United States of America


You might have been receiving several mails from millions of people around the world, who, may either be in support or dismay of your decisive acts of war against Iraq, but i hope you would have time to consider one from a student of a country your nation has once colonized, and who is now, in full collaboration with your efforts on the very controversial “war against TERRORISM”

Indeed, Saddam Hussein has proven to the world time and again, the kind of tyrant that he is; never considering the lives of innocent people, obsessed with armaments and randomly waging war against any country they would want to pick a random war with. Being a student of Stalin, he also uses murder as a pretext to arrest. All these and more could never be more true. Let us the look at the attack of September the 11th. We have seen how America’s enemies could be so determined to destroy your nation that they are willing to sacrifice lives from their side of the court, in the person of their Islamic fundamentalist “suicide bombers” while on the other hand, killing innocent plane passengers, not only consisting of American citizens, either by blood or migratory citizenship, and those of other nationalities, but also those who believe in the very noble motive of America to annihilate terrorism and, also, being a fact as it is, those who believe otherwise.

As i have seen the reactionary measures taken by your administration to the said catastrophe, I could not help but think, that such measures are not really different from the acts you are reacting to. You are dealing with these terrorist in “a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye” basis. Americans have been killed during the attack, yes indeed. But sir, that could not be reversed by retaliating on the same line of action.  If you really are for the furtherance of peace and the proliferation of good international relations, then why did you relentlessly bomb Afghanistan? is finding Mr. Osama Bin Laden your primary premise? or crash the Taliban? or gain control over it? why would you now want to wage war against Iraq, and put millions of innocent lives in jeopardy? Iraq may  not have complied with the agreements set forth with the United Nations,  which you claim, according to your evidences, are explicit. Aren’t they (UN) on the right position to impose reprimands and sanctions on them (Iraq)? Mr. President, the United States, as we all know it, is the most powerful country in the whole world in almost all aspects of governance.  Political, economic, military et al. but sir, THE UNITED STATES IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE WHOLE WORLD, or at least of those “PEACE-LOVING COUNTRIES” you call “allies”.

As an inquiring concerned citizen, not only of the Philippines, but of the growing interdependence of all the nations worldwide, and a son of peace  and humble servant of God, I denounce ANY acts of violence that have been committed, are being committed and those that will possibly be committed, regardless of what country it may come from. I am not even sure if you would ever consider reading this email and reply to it. but I hope that you would at least reach you.  Remember when you were at the elementary school, listening to some kids’ stories that September the 11th? That was when you were first notified that AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK. That, Mr. President, is just the physical aspect of it. Now, needless to say, AMERICA IS STILL UNDER ATTACK, even after the September 11th tragedy – of questions of morality, of the total disagreements to waging war against other countries, and of the millions of people around the world who, in the real sense of the word, BELIEVE in peace and and their right to live in a world that has one. Please consider these people.  Please consider us, our children in the near future, their children, and the children of their children. Aggression begets aggression. That is a never ending story. Thank you very much and God Bless the world.


Joel Bassig
University of the Philippines, Manila


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2002



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