Apr 142013

Pres. George Bush


United States of America 


Honorable President, 

First of all I would like to congratulate you for leading America in such ways that Americans would love to be led and for being a great factor for the development of different countries such as ours, the Philippines. I know that one of the great factor of the development of our country is your great support in our land and I personally wanted to thank you for that. I also wanted to extend my appreciation to all the shared ideas for the different aspects of our country like for our economy, military and our technology I am aware that without the boost of these three aspects our country would not be in the state of development. 

I am Hector Arellano, a third year college of the University of the Philippines Manila. I am a Born again Christian. This letter was our final exam in our class and I was so excited for this is what I have in mind but never did I expect that it would come to pass for I wanted to share my views in such a very delicate situation that is happening in our world. 

I wanted to share my views regarding your war against terrorism specifically your war against Iraq. I just wanted to point out some of the main points that I have strong views. First is for the war against Iraq for me you are on the right track for it is in the great danger of the United Nations to have confronted a country who is formally admitting that they are pro terrorism and have been spied to have been making and producing chemical weapons with a great biological hazards. If we let these nation arise then they would have a power so great that whatever they wanted they would have even if we do not agree. Second is I wanted to point out is this should not be a war of different religion as I mentioned earlier I am a born again Christian and I think for these people as a Muslim nation did not wanted these to happen. We all know, Muslims and Christians, that God is good and God does not want for mankind to treat each other as enemies but to love one another and all of these terrible things happen because of humans own will. I would also wanted to show you the different reactions that your actions brought out of some peoples especially here in the Philippines. Capitalists here totally agree on what you are doing this because they think that these would make their families and money safe from the terrorists. Terrorists think that they are being threatened even if they are not connected to the Afghan and Iraq Movement so they are forced to do their own scenes just for the public to know their reasons and principles. And just for my opinion In surely understand what most of the Americans are feeling, having relatives, friends and part of their nation to be destroyed on the September11th bombing but this does not mean that you should decide desperately to annihilate terrorism all over the world. The image of the U.S. against terrorism would be inverted in the eyes of the many if your means is as if to command different nations to follow your orders then most of them would think that you are the nation that is trying to take over the world and I think you should not risk those people who have depended and trusted on you and your nation. 

I extend my greatest appreciation to his excellency for giving time to read and understand my token of appreciation in a form of a letter. I write to you as a concerned human not implicating a race nor religion and I hope that this letter would help a lot in your upcoming decisions regarding those matters. 

Truly Yours, 
Hector Arellano 


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2002



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