Apr 142013

President George W. Bush
United States of America

Your Excellency, President Bush:

Mabuhay!  I am a third year student of the University of the Philippines, Manila currently taking up Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies.

Through our daily newspaper, I have been made aware of the issues regarding Iraq’s alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction. Please allow me to state my reactions regarding your approach towards the said issue.

I agree with you that there should be serious inspections on Iraq’s weapons.  The world should be informed of the military capabilities of Iraq.  I support the part of US-UK resolution on UN weapons inspection stating the imposition of conditions enabling the United Nations Monitoring, Verifications and Inspection Commission to carry out more intrusive inspections.  Indeed, there is a need for the UN Security Council to know whether Iraq is in possession of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.  The world is in continuous threat in the mere existence of weapons of mass destruction.

Along with this, I also agree that the said weapons should be destroyed and manufacturing should be discontinued.  The continuous manufacturing of those weapons posts an increasing danger to the world.  Countries that own chemical, biological, and/or nuclear weapons become more powerful than countries that does not possess any of those weapons.  And such powers should be responsibly used.  Also, the lives of millions, innocent people are at stake if those weapons were irresponsibly used.

The US-UK proposal stating that Iraq has seven days to accept the resolution and another 23 days to make full disclosure of its weapons of mass destruction or face military actions would have been totally agreeable except the latter part.  The resolution is said to be about getting Saddam Hussein to allow serious inspection, right?  But by threatening him with military actions, I think it would just make him more agitated and provoke him to wage war against the US.  The said resolution may not be about conducting military actions against Iraq.  But by making it as an alternative, there is a large possibility that Iraq would use their weapons once US military operations take place.  I don’t think that “nuking” Iraq would be the best alternative solution to Iraq’s non-compliance if ever the UN Security Council approve the resolution. If US military operations will be conducted in Iraq and if Iraq is bombarded with missiles, then Saddam Hussein will be given reasons to retaliate.  Hussein will just be provoked to use his destructive weapons, hence putting the lives of every person in America in danger.  Other possible targets of Saddam’s retaliation would be countries having good relations with the US, which includes my country, the Philippines, as selfish as this may sound.

Your campaign on eliminating destructive weapons allegedly being possessed by Iraq is great.  But this should not be concentrated only in Iraq.  There are several countries in the world that is confirmed to possess weapons as powerful and as destructive.  I find no reason why the UN, and other concerned countries, should not conduct severe weapons inspections in  these countries.  Proper authorities should regulate the use and production of destructive weapons, not just in Iraq but in all parts of the globe.  By doing such, mass destruction could be avoided and world peace could be made possible.

May God be with us always.

Respectfully yours,
Felipe C. Fernando III


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2002



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