Apr 142013

Mr. George Bush
President of the United States of America

As George Orwell said, “ If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”. I don’t agree that you must wage war against Iraq. Let me take the liberty to bring to your attention in a layman’s term what you must have probably missed while you were busy making choice between continued diplomacy through UN or going to war. Maybe this would help you asses the magnitude of your actions.

First, you make it seem as if you have no other option but use military force to prevent an attack against you when from one of your senior official’s own words, saying that you may only be able to make only educated guess about your “enemy’s” arsenals and intention, you admit that you are unsure if there would really be an attack. If such was the case then where does “kill or be killed” come in? Where is the need to defend yourself? So why can’t you give the United Nations inspection team a chance to comprehensively search, investigate and verify the alleged issue of Iraq’s mass acquisition & production of weapons of destruction? Why is it that you are so insistent that you wage war immediately?

Second, if Americans truly value democracy and liberty so much, why wouldn’t you hear the protests of the people much more the voice of your citizens? People don’t want to go into war anymore. Although wounds of the attack of September 11 are still great, brining about anger and hatred to many hearts and souls, still it is not an excuse to cause more grief and pain. War would only mean more deaths of innocent people. You will lose lives, of those soldiers almost too young to die.

Third, Washington’s war of aggression against Iraq being prepared using the “doctrine of preemptive war” violates the essence of international law and the UN Charter, which forbids countries from waging war except, as an act of self-defense, which as have been mentioned earlier, is too early for the US. Also this would render UN ineffective in fulfilling its duty of promoting peace. This would decrease the credibility of the UN to other nations, thus compliance & stability is not assured. If US can get away with it, then other can too. Consequently this would affect relationships of countries thus also our economies.

You see your actions will affect many lives. So please reconsider your plans of waging war against Iraq. You can tell those who will listen whatever you want. If that’s what liberty means for you, if that coincide to your set of values, fine. But people have their own views--- many people now want to know what really lies beneath the jumble of words you use to excuse and justify your aggressions. And people who keep an eye on what goes around them sense and fear that you are not telling the public the whole story, and that your unilateral agreement with the British government to attack and wage war against Iraq is just one of the series of future aggression that would mean to broaden your economic and political hold to other countries so as to further your access to wider range of resources. 

It leads us to believe that personal interest is the decisive factor, not the concern for general welfare, for staging war against Iraq.  Please do care, think of all the lives that will be lost and the damages that will result from waging war with Iraq.  Please weigh carefully the cost and benefits before doing anything so drastic.


Cathlene Samiano

University of the Philippines


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2002



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