Apr 142013

To President Bush:


I am Airene Margarette B. Lozada, student of the University of the Philippines Manila.

I am writing to urge you to call off your much-talked-about invasion of Iraq.  I know that the US government has consistently chosen military means of achieving its goals, bombing civilians and non military targets causing and contributing to injury, starvation, death, and the dislocation of millions of innocent people, primarily women, children and elderly.  The global commerce in and proliferation of small arms and light weapons along with landmines and unexploded ordinance continue to threaten people’s lives on daily basis.

Recently, I have heard that Iraqi government may use chemical, biological, or even nuclear weapons to attack US.  They might use these weapons to attack US forces in response to US conventional counterforce strike.  Indeed, this attack raises questions about the role of nuclear weapons will play in the military operations.

If the planned attack will continue, there are many environmental consequences it may give.  Wars have been replaced by fears that toxic waste from the nearby military base may find its way into our drinking water.  At present, there is an estimate that thousands of sites on hundreds of military installations are contaminated.  There would be a lot of chlorinated organic solvents that will cause problems.  There would also be metal contamination.  And I’m sure it’s going to tackle a minimum of ten years to make good progress and the actual clean-up will require new technologies and that it will cost a lot of money.  Worse, we are not sure of the different diseases these wastes may cause to the people.  Furthermore, whether we like it or not, the environment will bear all the consequences this attack may bring.  Forests, water, and lands will be destroyed and many lives will be lost.  This will also result to destruction of lands, homes, and critical infrastructure such as water, electricity, roads and communication.  Most importantly, invading Iraq will not lessen the threat of terrorism against US and may actually increase it.

That’s why, through this letter, I call on you to cease planning a US invasion of Iraq.  As a student, I am aware and concern about the destruction of the environment this invasion may bring, so please stop planning for any kind of attack against Iraq. 

Please think of the consequences on the lives of the victims. Thank you and may the good Lord shine on you for a discernment of your tough but challenging decisions

Respectfully yours,
Airene Margarette B. Lozada
Manila, Philippines


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2002



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