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*Kasiyana Peace and Healing Initiatives (Kasiyanaphi)*

*2619 Sagada, **Mountain** **Province*

*Cordillera Administrative Region*


Gentle Breeze with the music of the bamboo nose flute…

*We cordially invite you to the Kasiyana Peace and Healing Center in Nadatngan, Sagada, Mountain Province. This is an interfaith and cross-cultural dialogue on community based peace and healing endeavors .

Nadatngan is a small village in Barangay Madongo, Northern Sagada that started as civilian evacuation area during WW II and subsequently became a settlement. The town of Sagada was legislated as one of the country’s Peace Zone in the early 90’s upon the strong clamor of the community and with support of various civil society groups. This after the tragic death of some children caught in the crossfire of armed conflict. In this context, the Center upholds non-violence and universal humanitarian laws. It adheres to the edict of “Lawa and Inayan” (Do No Harm).

The Kasiyana Peace and Healing Center provides sacred space for respite, learning and home for those who are weary and in turmoil yet resolve to move on with love, faith and hope towards transcending their woundedness into transformative and creative endeavors for peace and healing of people and environment.

It was built in 2003 with collaborative efforts and simplified community rites such as the “sangbo” (indigenous house blessing) and the partaking of “bina-od” (special food that signifies unity and celebration).

In 2004, a bereaved couple who were in recovery for the death of their two young sons (Kimoden and Batawig) in senseless violence moved in for residence.

In 2005, Jose “Pepe” Riveral Manegdeg III, the couple’s son-in-law was politically assassinated. Pepe and now widow Dom-an who jointly conceived of the Center were both ecumenical and community development volunteers working for peace and social justice with church, government and non-government agencies.

Amidst the challenges, the family resolved to transform the tragic experiences into a legacy of peace and healing with help of generous souls along the journey. They also willingly share their lessons and experiences in the hope of helping evolve more such centers in many other areas.

*Kasiyana * is a belief among the Kankana-ey people that when invoked in solemnity in times of woundedness or uncertainties, it inspires a threefold process: recognition of pain/difficulty, evoking hope and undertaking loving action to ensure well-being.

*Hence, in 2006 Kasiyana Peace and Healing Initiatives was formed as a loose network of family members, friends and like minded multidisciplinary, inter-faith volunteers to enhance and develop programs and resources in support of such center. Kasiyana Peace and Healing Initiatives is involved in dialogues, advocacy and networking, research and documentation of traditional and contemporary bio-socio-psycho-spiritual healing, sustainable practices in environment and resource management, conflict transformation and restorative justice. It prioritizes women, widows and children with traumatic experiences for services and referrals. *

Aside from being a shelter, the Center has been a venue for children’s arts workshops; workshops on organic and natural farming; meditation sessions including flute playing, yoga and taichi exercises; cross-cultural and interfaith exchanges; and ecological-agricultural tours/immersions. Artists and writers who adhere to the practice of Art for Service and Blessedness also consider the Center its home.

We gladly welcome generous donors and sponsors, self-reliant volunteers and consultants for project partnerships.

For details contact:

*Ms. Hyacinth Merioles* ( +639215191501),

OHM Peace and Empowerment Center,

Alley 32, Rd. 1, Project 6, Quezon City

*Ms. Sheryl Bete* ( + 639079432649)

Poblacion, Sagada, Mt. Province.

Gratefully yours,

*(Dom-an)* *Florence** Macagne-Manegdeg*



The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in June 2nd 2010




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