Apr 212013

COTANGENT – By Daphne Cardillo

DaphneCardilloIs China a threat?

One of the contentions in justifying a return to US military presence in the country is that we are not yet equipped to defend ourselves from foreign invasion.  The threat that we are being made to believe is coming from China.  I see this as mere propaganda.

For many centuries, China was a closed society and inherently self-contained.  When it became under communist rule, it took a distant stance from Russia.  It did not make a communist takeover on Taiwan which is under its territory.  It even cut links with the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Its neighboring Japan after having been devastated by World War II contained its militarist policy and concentrated on building its economy.  For decades, Japan had a minimal or non-existent defense program, and yet with all of that country’s industrial wealth, China did not invade Japan.  The Chinese had even more cause to strike Japan in retaliation for the Japanese attack on the imperial capital at Beijing and later ravaging Nan king.

So for many years, China simply swallowed communism in an effort to unite China and make her great again.

For a closer inspection, we can just take a look at the Chinese here residing in the Philippines.  By nature they are self-reliant, somewhat isolated and insulated.  Attending to one’s own lot appears to be a cultural trait that has been handed down from generation to generation and cannot simply be erased by one Cultural Revolution.

They build their own communities; building houses, schools, temples, and cemeteries.  They provide their own services from food, health, and other economic and social services.  They engage in different gainful occupations either as entrepreneurs or mere employees or workers.

They don’t make political conquests or colonizing acts.  They are the ones being attacked by robbers and kidnappers because of their wealth.  And basing on China’s history, the Chinese acquired foreign wealth through trade and not through conquest like what Spain or England did.

And so does our Filipino-Chinese acquiring wealth through hard work, determination, and wise spending.  Some of their business tycoons even started as hired workers then turned merchandisers and finally manufacturers.  Others were not even schooled, but undeniably they’ve got genius.

If the Chinese in this country have become prosperous, and to think that the first generation arrived here with only their bodies, it is partially because that with our market economy, they’ve worked hard to empower themselves with money.

Sometimes the reasons bombarded to us in propagating a thought borders on deception.  And the more we try to believe on the lies, the more we lose respect for ourselves.  This in turn leads other nationals to lose respect in us, thereby easily stepping on our toes, here or abroad.







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