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No to the siege of Fallujah and other cities, Yes to independence and democracy

As the United States and its coalition prepare to level the city of Fallujah and other cities to the ground, we, members of the Iraq Solidarity Campaign-Philippines, reiterate our call for the immediate withdrawal of all occupation troops from Iraq and our support for the Iraqis¹ right to self-determination.

We are concerned citizens of various professions, peace activists, members of trade unions, social movements, NGOs, political parties, religious, women¹s, and youth and student organizations who have come together to stand for global peace and social justice.

Like millions of people around the world, including the majority of Iraqis, we are convinced that the only solution to the increasingly desperate chaos and violence, which has already killed over 100,000 in Iraq, is an immediate end to the occupation.

As subsequent actions by the United States and its allies in Iraq have proven, this was not a war to liberate the Iraqi people but a clear manifestation of imperialism. It is a war of aggression for oil, for free markets, and for hegemony.

Along with many Iraqis, we reject the notion that the occupation ended last June 28, 2004. With the United States still dominating Iraq militarily, politically, and economically, the occupation continues. Selected and appointed by the United States instead of the Iraqi people, the so-called ³interim government² is a sham. Like majority of Iraqis, we do not believe that it represents the interests of the Iraqi people.

We reject the notion ­ used to justify the continuing stay of the occupation troops ­ that the Iraqis are incapable of governing their own country and choosing their own destiny.

We reject the processes, policies, and institutions that have been imposed by the United States without the acceptance of the Iraqi people in the course of the occupation.

We support an independent political process ­ as decided by Iraqis, and not imposed by the United States ­ for restoring sovereignty and for constituting Iraq¹s new government.

We support the Iraqi people¹s right to resist. We recognize the resistance movements and support all efforts to form a broad united front.

We continue to oppose the participation of our own government in this occupation. We strongly object to all military, economic, or political support that our own government extends or may choose to extend to the occupation of Iraq. We demand that our government establishes diplomatic relations only with a legitimate government independently and democratically chosen by the Iraqis.

Justified on the grounds of what have now been completely proven as lies, the invasion and occupation of Iraq was illegitimate and remains illegitimate. We demand accountability from those who perpetrated and continue to perpetrate this crime against humanity.

We oppose imperialism and militarization. The US and its allies are pursuing their geostrategic, economic, and political objectives around the world at the expense of people¹s welfare, sovereignty, and democracy. We oppose the ³war against terror² as a pretext for aggression and military intervention ­ be it in Palestine, Afghanistan, or Mindanao

As the United States and its allies launch new full-scale assaults on Iraq¹s towns and cities, we stand in solidarity with the Iraqi people who are bearing the brunt of its increasing brutality and who are yearning for liberation and democracy.

Having once been invaded and colonized by the United States, we see the struggle for the liberation of Iraq as the continuation of our own people¹s history of resistance to aggression and domination.

Struggling against aggression and domination in our own country, we see the Iraqi people¹s resistance to occupation as part of own, the global South¹s, and the rest of the oppressed world¹s struggle for global peace with justice.


5 November 2004


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip on November 13th, 2004




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