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In the Name of Old Glory and the Good O’l USA

By Reinier Kanis


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Casualties Of American Policies
Photos of Iraq war victims

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Anti-war/The nightmare side of the American Dream of Empire-building

i climb up on the highest mountain so God can ease my pain

to get a little closer

as my prayers appeared in vain

from here i said a prayer

i prayed for those who suffer pain

and those in great despair

i prayed for those who are so vain

but most of all

i prayed for those

who just don’t seem to care
i wait for His second coming to end this world of fears

to end this unholy reign of terror

and wash away our tears

to halt this blood spilled madness

of hell on earth today

He watches us

and filled with sadness

lets the satan have his way

of such greed in man that’s caused this pain

the blood that’s spilled so greed could gain

in mans own courts

you may be free

what man can hide

God still will see

there is single consolation that this will end some day

and those who spilled

mans blood will pay

their turn will come on

Judgment Day

by R.J.Kanis


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