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In the Name of Old Glory and the Good O’l USA

By Reinier Kanis



In conclusion it is not hard to see, that even if you were to say some of the articles were not quite accurate, it would be a fool who would discount the vast material that shows a very different American Government, one that is bent on personal gain, rather than the interests of the American people.

Even now there are so many unanswered questions, that could also answer why so many today are dying the world over. Before closing this investigation into the journals of journalism we would like to bring your attention to one more oil battle that has been less in the news.

There is a possibility that some of the worlds largest oil reserves lie in the bottom of the ocean, near the coast of the Philippines. This area is disputed by China as part of their territory, while the Philippines claims it as belonging to the Philippines. Now you might get a clue as to America’s real motives for their war in the Philippines, as the Moro People as well as their military (MILF), would like to separate from the Philippines.

If you were guessing that the oil is offshore from their disputed Islands of the Philippines, you are absolutely right. Thus the Bush-Arroyo connection, is not a war against terrorism, but a war over the profits of more oil.

From the Online Journal comes this interesting article (The United States in the Philippines: post-9/11 imperatives), here is a quote from the start of this article.

July 17, 2002—The far-reaching and complex US objectives of the 9/11 War cannot and will not be achieved without dominance and control of the Far East/Pacific region. The key stronghold of American imperial power in the Far East is the South China Sea, and the key to the South China Sea is the Philippines.

and another quote

There is an old saying in the intelligence world: GOD stands for “Gold (financial assets), Oil (natural and mineral resources) and Drugs.” In a more modern version of this adage, the “G” includes “Geo” (as in geoeconomics and geostrategy), as well as “corporate Globalization.” Professor Peter Dale Scott explains that “all US wars in modern history—from Vietnam to the Gulf War to 9/11, Afghanistan, etc.—have involved overt and covert alliances with drug proxies and narco-trafficking criminal syndicates that are simultaneously involved in and with oil. The global narco-economy is inextricably tied to the petro-economy, and both are vital to the larger global economic and financial system itself. Drug and oil proxies assist US geostrategic aims, and vice versa.”

One must understand that what America uses as its reason to send its troops abroad to fight for democracy, often hold a hidden truth that spells the word OIL. Anyone who thinks that the number one reason for America’s need to bring democracy to the world had better also look to see if there is something that these same officials will personally profit from.

To get a really good idea just how relevant this war on the MILF really is you better look at the facts surrounding South China Sea. For a detailed look, read what the Federation Of American Scientists has to say about this area. Spratly Islands and the South China Sea

To get a detailed understanding of issues on OIL, one would do well to know exactly how important a role OIL plays in the need for wars as America’s only method of retaining global dominancy. A good place to start for the average reader would be Hubbert Peak of Oil Production

March 7, 2003 FAST FORWARD – Whodunit? (BUSINESS WORLD Subscriber Only) is the original article that explores another side of America’s CIA, and is it the perpetrator behind the Philippine bombing, to insure it get the need authorization to gain entry and set up a military base there to protect its oil interests? For educational purposes we have a copy here at this link. CIA TERRORIST BOMBING IN DAVAO, PHILIPPINES?

Searching my old files, I dug up an article written by a certain Craig Hanley and published in the Indymedia website on Oct. 10, 2002. Piecing together various news reports over a five-month period from May to September 2002, Hanley came to this conclusion: “The Pentagon wants new bases in Asia, and it is killing civilians to get them.” The central character in Hanley’s expose is Michael Terrence Meiring, a 65-year-old US national who accidentally blew himself up in his room at the Evergreen Hotel in Davao on May 16. He was charged with illegal possession of explosives and reckless imprudence and later branded a terrorist by city prosecutor Raul Bendico.

It may be some more time needs to pass before we know the truth. It’s a sad fact that most Americans never become aware of the atrocities committed by their government until a generation later. But do you think those in power care if a generation later the truth comes out? They have already made their money and it won’t be until another generation has passed before you know where they are investing it, and who they will kill to get their profits.

In closing I would like to thank all those wonderful people who did so much research to bring out the truth. In fairness, every link on these pages was the work of someone who deserves credit for the research they did. There still are so many other untapped resources out there and the list will likely grow until the truth becomes everyday knowledge.



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