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In the Name of Old Glory and the Good Ol’ USA

An eye opening story about the Underground American Government

Reinier Kanis


( Dedicated to all my American friends who don’t understand why I oppose the wars of the USA )




Those who have spent time reading the news from various media sources may have seen many of the materials here and have only to link them together.

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans may refuse to read this, thinking that this is just a conspiracy against George W. Bush, and they refuse to read and/or believe information that could shake their fundamental belief that the American government always acts in their best interest.


The single greatest problem with those who support American aggression is that they all feel the need to talk, but they never feel there is a need to listen.

Most Americans have closed their eyes and ears to the world around them. They read no evil, see no evil, hear no evil — and conclude that there is no evil in America. An the very much (government controlled) press only deepens their conviction America is right!

I challenge anyone to read what was written in the free press (mostly American press) and see if they can still hold their beliefs of a just America.





Many people around the world today wonder where the American support for this war in Iraq comes from. It is hard to believe just how uniformed the average American really is in regards to even their own information. Unless information is imposed on them via commercials, or news interruptions, no one seems to even want to know what their own government is doing.


For many Americans, breaking away from the entertainment on television was never a necessity until Sept 11th, 2001 — the day Americans turned to news for answers to the questions they all had. It was not until most Americans stopped paying attention to the news over a year later that the truth started coming out of the press.


In the crime of big business, we often refer to the paper trail that leads us back to the real villain, and likewise, the paper trail left by the press leads us to linking together, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and the oil company owned by the Bush family’s. In the process, we get a very clear picture of the truth, and the names of many relatively unknown men who today are familiar names, control the American war machine. We learn also from reading these articles that the control of the American press must have changed hands, or they have all developed amnesia, in regards to articles they themselves wrote. We learn about America’s role in the world’s largest drug cartel, and how its capital is used to finance what Americans can’t have on their books. We learn how it was through the American CIA that the war against Russia founds its roots via the CIA-Pakistan training on top Chechen rebels.


There are those who do investigative journalism, but here we do the opposite, we investigate the journals of journalism. Join me in my harrowing adventure into the unwanted truth.





When you review American policy back from the time when America was still in a cold war with Russia, the USA created the foundation of the greatest terrorist allegiance in the world. If not for the USA, the coalition of the Muslim Jihad would never have been formed. The USA pumped no less than 2 Billion of taxpayers’ dollars into creating the world’s most deadly and feared jihad that is much better known today as the Al-Qaeda connection, joining together the extremists from all Muslim nations, the world over.


The American connection to the Al-Qaeda, via the CIA and US Special Forces, was built around two key figures, Sheikh Omar and Professor Abdurrab Rasul Sayyaf. These two were very anti-American and would be used to bring together the Muslim-based jihad and the world’s greatest terrorist organization. This is also the reason that the Americans say they can prove links with the Al-Qaeda in so many countries, as they were involved in setting them up. This also explains how the Taliban was able to obtain over 500 US Stinger Ant-Aircraft Missiles.


It is through the growth of this American effort that ties between this organization and the brother-in-law of Bin Laden was born. From this connection we have the so called Al-Qaeda connection to the Philippines, and the birth of the first bombings on the World Trade Center.

Meanwhile Bin Laden, himself, at this time, worked closely with the Saudi Intelligence and Prince Salman, the governor of Riyadh. Here is the strong connection between Britain and Saudi Arabia, and at the same time both were funding the Jihad, while Bin Laden’s brother-in-law was funding Islamic groups in the Philippines.


The US triggered into motion, in its efforts to destroy Russia, an uprising that they completely lost control of. This in effect resulted in Pakistan going to war with Afghanistan, in an effort to put this new organization under some form of control. With America getting and winning their objective against Russia, all training and funding for this organization in Afghanistan came to an abrupt end, making it very clear to them they were just pawns in America’s objectives. However the organization remained, and became the so-called Afghanistan that harbored terrorists, which American taxpayers would foot the bill to destroy.


September 11th 2001 should really be named what the CIA privately called it “Code Name Blowback.” Blowback. simply defined, describes an agent, operative or operation that has turned on its creators. It is a metaphor for the unintended consequences of the US government’s international activities that have been kept secret from the American people.

So now comes the real question that nobody in the USA wants to answer: Who is really ultimately responsible — could it be America’s foreign policy?


Read the following references for details pertaining to the American connection to the creation of terrorism that today America blames on the Muslim Nations.


Reading these articles in full is highly recommended. It is the only way you will you will ever know the real truth the American Government wants so badly to hide. American authorities have succeeded in a war of misinformation as most people will never look beyond today’s news.


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on July 10th 2003 so many of the links may be dead today.




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