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In Remembrance of Jim Zwick: Scholar, Activist, Writer, Educator, and true friend of the Filipino People.

Jim Zwick, 51, an American Studies scholar whose specialties included Mark Twain, political history, and the educational usages of the internet died Thursday (January 24, 2008) at his home outside of Syracuse, New York.

Zwick was the author of numerous noted books and articles on Twain, anti-imperialism and other topics. Major publications included the books Mark Twain’s Weapons of Satire, Inuit Entertainers in the United States, and Confronting Imperialism: Essays on Mark Twain and the Anti-Imperialist League. He was a frequent contributor to a wide range of journals and anthologies.

Zwick began creating websites in 1994. He created and ran the Mark Twain site at, later consolidating his many writings into the widely cited, which was included in the reading list of Mark Twain courses at universities worldwide. In 2000, he ran the author’s posthumous online campaign for the Presidency, MSNB’s top-ranked campaign website. With his unique perspective, he provided consultation and commentary for documentary films including Ken Burns’ Mark Twain.

Living in Hong Kong during the 1970’s, his language skills allowed him to travel extensively in the Peoples’ Republic of China in 1979, long before the current openness. He later traveled in the Philippines, and was long active with the Friends of the Filipino People. Zwick also served on the Executive Committee of the Mark Twain Circle. Zwick received his BA at Earlham College in 1981 and his MA in Comparative Politics and World History at Syracuse University where he continued to do post-graduate work and teach for some time. He attended Wethersfield High School and the Shanti School in Hartford.

Zwick is survived by his father and step-mother Frank and Lynn Zwick of Myrtle Beach, SC, his sister Joan Zwick of Tolland, brothers David of Old Saybrook, Douglas of Los Angeles, and their families. He is predeceased by his mother Joan Jenkins Zwick, and sister, Susan Laurie Zwick. Memorial contributions may be made to Human Rights Watch, 350 5th Avenue, 34th Floor, New York, NY 10118 (



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