Mar 172013


A Battle for Hearts and Minds of People and Policymakers






The group of Human Shields that left London on 25th January in three double-decker buses arrived in Baghdad last Saturday (14th Feb).


The group received an overwhelmingly warm reception from the citizens of Baghdad . “The people here are a gentle, wonderful people. It is such an enriching experience to be greeted with a warm smile wherever we go” said the action leader, Ken Nichols O’Keefe.


“The Iraqi authorities have left us to our own devices and we are not escorted or accompanied anywhere and we are free to move and do as we see fit”.


Mr O’Keefe is travelling with his companions to Basra in Southern Iraq on Sunday, with two buses, to document and highlight the effects of depleted uranium used by US forces in the Gulf War of 1991. Evidence suggests the devastating effect of using these “long-term” weapons of mass destruction should be condemned and those responsible be brought to justice.


There are approximately 150 Human Shields in Iraq and c.a. 100 currently en-route, as a result of Mr O’Keefe’s call for a mass migration.


Citizens of many Western countries have joined the action including people from Spain, U.S., U.K, Norway, Denmark, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Jordan, France and Italy among others.


The action is gathering pace and plans to have 18,000 Human Shields in Iraq within 6 weeks. Spokesperson Torben Franck said, “we have demonstrated that the Iraqi people are open to receive us as compassionate friends and fellow humans. We have shown that the Iraqi Authorities intend the group no malice and have not enforced any agenda upon the party in Iraq. We shall continue to respond to the world-wide demand for people to join the action and are confident that an intelligent and peaceful solution be found to the current world situation for all races and cultures involved. Truth, Justice and Peace.”.




The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2003




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