Mar 172013


“Hacking Democracy”


This is a ground breaking documentary investigating allegations of election fraud during the 2004 U.S. presidential election. A group of concern citizens heading up watchdog organizations investigate the 2004 election in the wake of these allegations on the 2000 presidential election which ended up decided in the Supreme Court. These ordinary citizens investigate voter machine hardware and software security holes in systems used in numerous states including Ohio, Florida and California. They demonstrate with the help of a computer programmer how easy it is to change the numbers tallied on Diebold voting machines that count ballots. They are forced to the extreme of picking the trash at a Florida county warehouse to discover ballot tapes with numbers that mismatched the official election authority records, giving George Bush a lead in the numbers.

If you can buy or rent this video, please do so, if there is no other way you can watch this important video in regards to election fraud then watch it here.


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