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Global Day of Action Against US Occupation of Iraq   Filipino anti-war groups join Global Day of Action against US occupation of Iraq


MANILA — Over 1,000 Filipinos marched to the US embassy in downtown Manila last March 18, 2005 as part of the weekend’s global days of action against the war in Iraq.

The local groups marched as part of the Iraq Solidarity Campaign, an umbrella anti-war coalition composed of peace groups, trade unions, farmers¹, fishers, urban poor, women¹s and other mass organizations, NGOs, academics, etc.

The protesters called for the US and other coalition troops’ withdrawal from Iraq. Among the other banners that were carried read, “US out of RP (Republic of the Philippines) now! RP out of US war camp now!,” “After Iraq, who will be next?,” and “US — keep your killing machines off the Philippines!”

The demonstrators demanded a stop to military offensives in the Southern Philippines and an end to US involvement in local conflicts. They also opposed a proposed anti-terror bill and national ID system in Congress.

Joining the march was an Iraqi who flew straight from Basra, Farouk Isma’al of the General Union of Oil Employees in Iraq. He called on Filipinos to add to the global pressure on the United States to end the occupation of his country. Isma’al had meetings with local anti-war activists, trade unions, and Muslim groups.

The march was part of a week-long series of anti-war events organized by the ISC that included the launch of a “100+ Filipinos against the War in Iraq” aimed at showcasing the breadth of anti-war sentiment in the country. There will also be an interfaith gathering against the war on March 21, to highlight the unity of different religious groups and sects calling for peace.#


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip on March 26th 2005




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