Nov 262013

Introduction :

This F.T.A. video shows rare footages of what is now referred to as THE FIRST QUARTER STORM in the Philippines, or FQS. The FQS was a defining moment for an entire generation of Filipino youth and students from 1970-Sept. 1972. The youth’s acts of courage, militance, social involvement and commitment to social change tempered them to fulfill the Philippine national hero Jose Rizal’s admonition that, ” the youth is the hope of the motherland.” The country was never the same again after this social upheaval of the youth and students that awakened the country with the slogan, MAKIBAKA, HUWAG MATAKOT (Struggle, Don’t be Afraid!) in the face of threats, state brutality and repression. Many of the FQS participants would later be detained, tortured or killed fighting the Marcos dictatorship.


The “Fuck The Army” theatre group visits the Philippines in 1971 and finds the burgeoning national democratic movement in full swing against U.S. imperialism, one year before martial law was declared by the fascist dictator and U.S. puppet, Ferdinand Marcos. The rallies feature the militant youth organization, Kabataang Makabayan. (Clip from the documentary film F.T.A., directed by Francine Parker, 1972)


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