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December 14th Rally and APA Delegation in Korea

13 December 2002
Ms. Kuwae Teruko arrived in Seoul on Dec. 13 at 11:40 am via Aseana 171. Interpreter Oh-hata Ryuji arrived in Seoul on Dec.13 at 12:10 via Aseana 107.
Meeting with some participants who attended APA convening event.
6:00 Candlelight Vigil
1,500 people joined the vigil. Ms. Kuwae Teruko and Interpreter Oh-hata Ryuji joined Candlelight Vigil and Ms. Kuwae Teruko gave a solidarity message of Okinawa to the participants there.

14 December 2002


Walden Bello arrived in Seoul on 14 Dec. at 7:00 am via TG.
1:30-2:30  Press conference for Asian Peace Alliance Delegation to the Dec.14 Rally.


Walden Bello and Ms. Kuwae Teruko and Interpreter Oh-hata Ryuji joined the press conference.  Around 15 reporters including Hangyerh newspaper, SBS, YTN broadcasting company attended there. We gave info on APA and read Solidarity messages from APA and APA Japan, and introduced APA delegation. Walden Bello and Kuwae Teruko gave some statements about reason why they came to Korea to reporters. Finally reporters asked questions and APA delegation answered questions. The press conference was successful. We distributed APA statement on Korea, Walden Bello’s address, APA Japan statement, and Ms. Kuwae Teruko’s address during the press conference.
3:00 14 Dec. Rally
Over 300,000 people attended the protest rallies in Seoul and 50 other cities, including Pusan, Kwangju, Taegu, Taejon and Cheju. No major injuries or damages were reported as the rallies remained largely peaceful.  An estimated 50,000 people gathered in front of City Hall in Seoul. The participants, mostly young adults, also included housewives, priests and students. Overseas Koreans gathered in 12 countries, such as the United States, Australia and Germany.

Important slogans were “Revise the SOFA,” “Bush apologize” and “Bring Mi-sun and Hyo-son back alive, Punish two soldiers who were involved in the killing.” Participants sang obscenity-laced anti-American songs and tore several huge U.S. flags to bits before unfurling a Korean flag to shouts of “We will recover our national pride.”  “Reclaim Sovereignty Declaration” was announced.

The rally began at about 3 p.m.  Walden Bello and Ms. Kuwae Teruko gave addresses to the public. There were only four official speakers during the rally. Two were Korean speakers, the others were Walden Bello and Ms. Kuwae Teruko. Responses of these addresses were very good among participants.

50,000 participants in Seoul with candlelights at 6 p.m began to march toward the American Embassy. The candlelight march was so beautiful and peaceful. Ms. Kuwae Teruko and Ohata Rjuji joined the candlelight march.  Riot police formed an impenetrable ring skirting the embassy, grounding protestors to a halt. Near the embassy, more than 23,000 riot police were arrayed to stop protesters from approaching the compound.

The organizing committee said it will stage another demonstration on Dec. 31.



The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2002




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