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Ruth Zumel
(Read during the Tribute for Dan Vizmanos, May 5, 2008, University of Makati)

Somehow the white uniform no longer fits
No matter how clean, neat and crisp
Somehow the call of the sea was no longer enticing
Instead, the waves of the people’s protest were beckoning.

And so in the dark depths of our history
When rulers plunged the Philippines into dictatorial rule
This soldier firmly stood his ground
He challenged the chain of military command.

He called upon them: protect and defend the country
For those who do it evil and harm
Fight the tyrants that enslave our people
That is the solemn oath of which we are bound.

Imprisoned he was
Separated from kith and kin
But no wall were high or thick enough
To isolate him from the clarion call
Of the people’s struggle.

His pen was his saber
That wounds the enemy with sharp pointed words
His enemies were the oppressors and exploiters
Of the people for whom his life he renders.

Captain Danilo Vizmanos no longer carries
The banner of the enemy’s army
He has cast it into the dustbin of history
He now bears the flag of the people’s fight
For freedom, justice and democracy.

He sands among us
Wearing the insignia of the people’s trust with pride
Woven through the many years of serving his country
When the beacon of freedom died.

And now  a grateful movement comes before him
to bestow great honor and deep gratitude
For duty he has rendered and sacrifices he withstood
Serving as a true soldier fo his beloved country and people.


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in June 12th 2008




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