Mar 162013

Civilian Victims of United States’ Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan by Mass Destruction Weapons


During the first 8 weeks in Afghanistan war, October 2001 to December 2001,  US has killed over 3767 Civilians in Afghanistan, by: Classical Mass Destruction Weapons, like:

  • Cluster Bombs

  • Thermobaric (15.000 pounds) bombs

  • B-52 “Carpet” bombings

  • Cruise Missiles, equipped with 1000 pounds (3D458 kg) Shrapnell Warheads.

  • Depleted Uranium (3DDU) bombs.

And the civilian killings are still going on by US, up to date.

Observe: these are all Classical Mass Destruction Weapons, they are NOT Precision Guided Weapons.

Observe also: During the Iraqi War 1990, the “International Coalition” bombed Iraq with Depleted Uranium Bombs (300 tons DU, in 1 million bombs and ammunition). Due to this reason, several thousand of Iraqi children are now lying and waiting for death, in Iraqi hospitals, due to Cancer, Hodgkin’s Leukemia, Mutations, Immunosupression etc… Due to the UN Embargo, over 560.000 Iraqi children have died, from 1991 to 2002 (Source: UNICEF). In the last Iraqi war, the coalition forces killed over 200.000 Iraqi  people, of which at least 113.000 were civilians.

Therefore arises the following question: Why is US and UK allowed to kill civilians, by: Classical Mass Destruction Weapons?  Where is now the famous “Human Rights”, “Freedom” and “Democracy”?

Dear Ministers: We appeal to you, that you do everything, at your hands, to prevent the attack against Iraq, planned by US and UK. There is already a great hurry, because, to our knowledge, the attack is planned to start January-February 2003, IMMEADITELY after 27.1.2003.

As we all know, Mr. Bush has offered Russia 8 Billion US Dollars, NOT to veto against the coming new UN Iraq Resolution in UNSC, designed specifically by US and UK, to allow them to attack against Iraq.

Dear Ministers: The Iraqi children lives is NOT a matter of business by money!

It is well-known, that the real reason for the US and UK attack against Iraq is: Oil. Iraq has the SECOND richest oil reserves in the world (Source: Oil & Gas Journal/USA). Equally well-known fact is, that US has to import 70% of its oil from  outside countries, mostly from Arab countries, due to shrinkage of domestic oil production in US (Source: Oil & Gas Journal/USA).

Dear Sir’s: The Iraqi oil belongs to Iraqi children, their future depends on it.  The Iraqi oil DOES NOT belong to US and Western Financial circuits and US oil companies.

With best regards,
Dr. Stig Froberg/Physicist, Finland


The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2003




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