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Chit Estella, forever 53

by Raïssa Robles

May 14, 2011

The heart-warming thing about journalist-professor Chit Estella’s wake was the constant stream of young people – her students, her husband Roland Simbulan’s students and their subordinates – going in and out of the viewing room.

Another was how lovely Chit looked, lying in her coffin. Like a sleeping bride.

There was no sign of trauma on her face, limbs or neck of that terrible moment when her being was suddenly thrust into forever.

Fellow reporter Ellen Tordesillas told me as we stood before her coffin –  that Chit was supposed to attend a wedding today at Ecopark.

That was why Chit had on a summery beige gown she had meant to wear for that happy occasion. Did it ever cross her mind what it would really be used for?


What a strange coincidence

Earlier, someone else had mentioned in my hearing that her hubby Roland narrated what she had said during their last breakfast together.

You see, he said, Chit was very fond of reading her daily horoscope.

On that Friday the 13th, she had shared with Roland her horoscope for the day. It said something to this effect – that as a Leo, she would experience on that particular day an “evolutionary event” – or perhaps the word was “revolutionary”, the person who told me wasn’t sure.

In any case, Roland said that Chit – a Leo – would experience that day an event that “would change her life forever.”

Later, I told Alan that and he pooh-poohed it. He doesn’t believe in horoscopes.

Still, what a strange coincidence.

* * *

Chit was supposed to have been cremated yesterday after a mass. I’m glad she wasn’t.

Many people still want to see her and say goodbye for the last time.

* * *

I’ll say this now – about Chit. Had she wanted to, Chit could have gotten very wealthy. There are many temptations for journalists. And it’s easy to take. But not for Chit.

She valued something more – teaching the next generation of journalists by word and deed.

One of her students, Dreo Calonzo of GMANews.TV, posted on faceboook what Chit had told her students: I hope you will use your skills to turn this country upside down.

I think some of them will, Chit. I think they will.







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