Oct 292013

Title: Castilian Memoirs – Manila
Code: 3447_002
Date: 1930
Length: 00:08:16
Region Pacific Islands
Country Philippines
City Manila
Color: B/W
Sound: Silent
Subjects: Destinations/Travel, World Cultures/People
Video Master: Digibeta
Description: 1930 B/W MOS Castilian Memoirs – Manila – A tour of Manila, Philippines in the 1930s – Manila Bay, Pier 7, dock, Philippine Constabulary Band, Intramurals, Old Fort Santiago, 31st Infantry marching, soldiers with rifles, caramatas horse drawn carriages, narrow streets, camisas blouses made of pina, pineapple cloth, women shopping for hats, get into carriage, Pasig River, Jones Bridge, El Officio de Jan Jose orphanage with turning wheel, baby being left by chauffeur, orphan girls sewing, mestizo girl, Via Escolta shopping street, traffic policeman, water buffalo carabo pulling a cart, tobacco on cart, women making cigars, large room of 700 cigar makers, workers, Bilibid prison, prisoners marching band, doing calisthenics, drill, Tondo native shacks, Corregidor island.
License: Rights Managed

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