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(Asia-wide coordinated event to stop the US-led War)



October 7 is the anniversary of the US attack on Afghanistan.  Since then, the United States has rallied (bullied?) the different nations' leaders especially in Asia to support the escalation of US military deployments in Japan, Okinawa, Korea and the Philippines in the guise of an all out war against terrorism.  With the impending US attack on Iraq, this regionally coordinated Asian Peoples' Action Against US War will be a strong expression of our will to stop the War & end US militarism and promote peace and justice. (Pls. refer to the Declaration of the Founding Assembly of the Asian Peace Alliance "The Struggle for Peace in Asia".)


When:  October 5 to 8, 2002

Where:  Asia-wide (in countries represented at the Asian Peace Alliance Founding Assembly).  Representatives from Japan, Korea and the Philippines who made this proposal are committed to hold their events.


Activities/ Events suggested

1. Protest Actions in front of US Embassy/US military facility or any symbolic place near/or around US Embassy or US military facility.

2. APA Joint Statement which could be adjusted according to each country's situation.

3. Press Conference/Media Briefing/Media Event to release the APA statement and to announce the Asian Peoples' Action Against US War (APAW).

4. Exchange of Solidarity Messages at least two days before the events. Messages shall be sent through the mailing list.

5. Other Activities or Events that may be planned by the different groups participating in this APAW


Suggested Slogan themes/topics for the events:

1. Stop Bombing Afghanistan

2. No to Attack on Iraq

3. Stop oppression and human rights violations on migrants and overseas workers

4. Oppose Anti-terrorist bills

5. Withdraw US military troops/bases/facilities

6. Expose and Oppose continued victimization of women, children, workers, indigenous peoples, etc. as a consequence of US military presence and military exercises and operations in Asia

7. Justice to victims of toxic contamination in military bases and facilities





The date posted here is due to our website rebuild, it does not reflect the original date this article was posted. This article was originally posted in Yonip in 2002




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