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E.O. 12958: DECL: 08/12/2015

¶B. MANILA 3708
¶C. MANILA 3697
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Classified By: Political Officer Timothy Cipullo for
Reasons 1.4 (b) and (d).

¶1. (C) Summary: Official results have been released for the
August 8 elections in the Autonomous Region in Muslim
Mindanao (ARMM). Zaldy Ampatuan, the favored candidate, won
the governor’s race in a landslide, as did Ansaruddin Adiong
in the vice-governor’s race. They will be sworn in on
September 30. Ampatuan comes from a well-known clan and is
considered close to Malacanang Palace. He will have his
hands full in trying to bring improvements to the ARMM, one
of the least developed areas in the Philippines. End Summary.

Official Results in the ARMM Elections

¶2. (U) The Philippine Commission on Elections (COMELEC)
proclaimed Lakas Party-endorsed candidates Zaldy Ampatuan and
Ansaruddin Adiong as the winners for governor and vice
governor of the ARMM, respectively, late August 11. At a
victory celebration held in Cotabato City, the administrative
capitol of the ARMM, Ampatuan said, “This is the victory of
the people of the ARMM and for President Gloria
Macapagal-Arroyo.” (Note: Lakas, which endorsed Ampatuan,
is a key party in Arroyo’s governing coalition. End Note.)
He also thanked his supporters and pledged to work with
defeated candidates, current ARMM Vice Governor Mahid Mutilan
and entrepreneur Ibrahim “Toto” Paglas, for the betterment of
the ARMM. Ampatuan will assume the governorship on September
30, replacing outgoing ARMM Governor Parouk Hussin. Adiong
will also be sworn in the same day. Their terms run for
three years until September 2008.

¶3. (U) COMELEC also announced the winners of 21 of the 24
seats in the Regional Assembly. (Note: Votes from Tawi Tawi
Province have still not been fully canvassed as of late
August 12 due to bad weather in the area. End Note.)
Thirteen of the Assembly seats went to newcomers, while eight
went to incumbents. Lakas Party-endorsed candidates took 17
of the 21 seats in the Assembly.

¶4. (U) Official totals in the governor’s race from the four
provinces of the ARMM counted (Lanao del Sur, Maguindinao,
Basilan, and Sulu) plus Marawi City were:

Zaldy Ampatuan, Lakas-CMD – 549,480 votes
Mahid Mutilan, Ompia Party – 207,500 votes
Ibrahim “Toto” Paglas, Liberal Party – 87,456 votes
Warina Jukuy, independent – 570 votes
Ali Omar, independent – 411 votes
Mangacop Saud, independent – 141 votes

In the vice-governor’s race, results from the four provinces
plus Marawi City were:

Ansaruddin Adiong, Lakas-CMD – 514,032 votes
Hatta Dimaporo, Liberal Party – 166,050 votes
Ismael Abubakar, Ompia Party – 149,275 votes
Usman Sarangani, independent – 1,603 votes
Alex Ambor, UMMAH Party – 1,232 votes

Background on Ampatuan, Adiong

¶5. (SBU) The 37-year-old Datu Zaldy Puti Uy Ampatuan is a
member of the influential Ampatuan clan in Mindanao. His
father, Datu Andal Ampatuan, is the Governor of Maguindinao
Province. Other politically-influential relatives include
Congressman and former Justice Secretary Simeon Datumanong
(who is currently chairing the House Justice Committee
hearings into the impeachment complaint against President
Arroyo — see ref c), the Mayor of Datu Unsay, and the
vice-mayor of Mamasapano in Maguindinao. Zaldy Ampatuan
served as an assemblyman in the ARMM Regional Assembly from
2001 to 2004 and is currently the mayor of Shariff Aguak,
Maguindinao. He is an ethnic Maguindanaoan and a Sunni

¶6. (U) Ansaruddin Alonto Adiong, also in his 30’s, is the
son of late Lanao del Sur Governor and former congressman
Mamintal Adiong. He has served as an assemblyman in the
Regional Assembly since 2001. Adiong is an ethnic Maranao
and a Sunni Muslim from Lanao Del Sur.

¶7. (C) Ampatuan will have his hands full in trying to bring
improvements to the ARMM, one of the least developed areas in
the Philippines. In addition to its poverty, the ARMM is
riven by fierce clan rivalries and other tensions.
Unfortunately, Ampatuan himself does not come with strong
recommendations — he is widely seen as the scion of a family
connected with corruption and old-style politics. His family
is also known not to get along well with the Moro Islamic
Liberation Front (MILF), a major insurgent force in Mindanao.
His election is also a bit suspect due to allegations of
electoral fraud (refs a and b). Given all of this, the
expectations bar for Ampatuan is set very low, which might be
fine for him politically if he can somehow parlay his Manila
connections to the benefit of ARMM residents.

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