Jun 252017

In the face of the United States and China increasingly conniving and competing to establish their hegemony over the Asia-Pacific region, there is an urgent need to unite the Filipino people in a massive movement to assert and defend Philippine sovereignty and territorial integrity.


In the last few years, China has committed blatant acts of aggression by imposing its baseless and arrogant claim over the entire South China Sea.  It has occupied Panatag Shoal, reclaimed land on various reefs, shoals and islets in the Kalayaan Islands, robbed thePhilippines of fishing grounds and mineral wealth and gravely damaged the marine environment.


Capitalizing on this dispute, the U.S. has succeeded in paving the way for the re-establishment of its military bases in the Philippines.  It has been granted basing rights in “agreed locations” through the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), a clear violation of the 1987 Constitution banning foreign bases and troops.


The U.S. and China are using the Philippines as an arena for their dangerous game of one-upmanship.  The casualty is our national sovereignty and territorial integrity.


In the face of such challenges, we reaffirm our trust in the Filipino people who, as proven many times in the past, have been thenation’s best defenders.




P1NAS aims to rally all Filipinos to defend Philippine sovereignty and territorial integrity, be it against China’s expansionism, U.S. imperialism or any other form of foreign domination or control. Towards this end, we will create a broad, vigilant and active network of individuals, organizations and parties that shall:


  1. Press the Philippine government to denounced and resist the incursions, aggressive actions and interventions of foreign powers and adopt a truly independent foreign policy that neither bows to China’s aggression nor kowtows to U.S. dictates;


  1. Conduct Public information and education campaigns to raise awareness on the issues of sovereignty, territorial integrity and the need for an independent an independent and self-reliant foreign policy;


  1. Provide the venue for citizens to be directly involved in efforts to defend and assert national sovereignty and territorial integrity, abrogate unequal treaties and arrangements, oppose foreign control of our land and resources, and uphold the national interest. We may initiate boycotts and similar campaigns against foreign business establishments in order to pressure their governments to stop their aggressive and interventionist acts in the Philippines;


  1. Pursue national industrialization and the development of our capability to defend our national sovereignty and territorial integrity; and,


  1. Help develop and promote the West Philippine Sea as a zone of freedom, neutrality, peace and cooperation while advocating the principle of non-aggression in the settlement of territorial disputes.


The P1NAS National convenors are key personages and leaders from major member organizations who shall spearhead the movement and give it direction from time to time.  The National Convenors shall arrive at decisions based on consensus.  There may also be formed an Advisory Council that shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Movement.


The P1NAS Committee of 100 is composed of individuals and representatives of organizations, networks and movements nationwide who lend their influence and expertise in support of P1NAS and its advocacy. They organize activities to raise awareness on the advocacies of P1NAS, organize P1NAS in their communities/sectors and mobilize the general public in campaigns and actions in pursuit of P1NAS’ goals.


Interested individuals and groups may contact the secretariat through its Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/DefendP1NAS and follow us on Twitter@DefendP1NAS.



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