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July, 2005



As this editorial is being written, another political transition is taking place in the Philippines. During the past weeks, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was plagued with scandals that started with exposes that members of her immediate family including her husband Mike, her son Mikey who is a Congressman, and Iggy Arroyo also a Congressman were regularly receiving bribe money from gambling lords. There were testimonies from the gambling lords and bagmen themselves.


Then came the bombshell from which she could not recover: tapes and CDs of wiretapped conversations between President Arroyo and a Comelec Commissioner Garcillano were made public and even played. The conversations were damning to her politically for they revealed her caught in the act of ordering a commissioner of a supposedly-independent body to “fix” her votes in Mindanao so that she could have a convincing lead of more than a million votes over her rival in the presidential elections last year. It is a bombshell that she could not recover from and calls for her resignation began to resonate for the past two weeks. But she has refused to resign even refusing to acknowledge that she had cheated the elections even though what she had done was already so crystal clear to the people .


Now, 10 of her cabinet members began to resign, especially her economic team and supposedly her most reliable allies as she is a Ph.d economist. The Liberal Party, led by Senate President Franklin Drilon, which is the largest political party allied with the president’s own political party, has also asked her to resign. So have the Makati Business Club, composed of the top Philippine executives of the top corporations, and former President Cory Aquino. With this situation, President Arroyo is in a situation where she cannot anymore govern.


It is imperative that in the coming political transition, the masses will not again be fooled and manipulated by the Filipino oligarchy and corrupt politicians including those in the opposition. This is what happened after the EDSA I and EDSA II uprisings that toppled Marcos and Estrada, respectively. Otherwise the present oligarchs will only be replaced by new oligarchs and corrupt politicians. It is now necessary for a representative governing council composed of patriotic farmers, workers, professionals, businessmen be formed so that a transitional government is established. That government must both be democratic and nationalist.


We appeal to the members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines(AFP) and the Philippine National Police(PNP) not to allow themselves to be used by those in power against the people. Democratic protest actions of the people must be allowed. Constitutional reforms are not the solution at this time if the same members or representatives of the oligarchy are again put in power, even in a parliamentary form of power.  What we need is a system and attitudinal change so that oligarchical rule becomes history. We call upon both the patriotic members and officers of the AFP and PNP to side with the Filipino people in their quest for true democracy and national sovereignty.


Long Live the Filipino people!

Long Live the Filipino toiling masses!

* Article by Roland G Simbulan – For a full professional background of Professor Roland G. Simbulan (Click Here)


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