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Special Downloads Page

In an effort to bring you more facts we have opened this page with some very special downloads. This page will be updated from time to time, and we will be happy to add to this list if you are are aware of any documentaries that are not listed here.

Michael Moore – USA’s Shameful Past

This is a very excellent clip from the documentary called Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore.


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on June 6th 2004 so many of the links may be dead today.


This page will give detailed instructions on how you can download video documentaries that the American Government has made all but impossible for American viewers to see. The reason is clear, they are so full of facts, that to allow the American public to see them would make re-election of many corrupt politicians impossible. They do not want Americans to decide for themselves, what the rest of the world already has seen, as well as knows. If you have not seen them then it is of utmost importance to everyone worldwide to see them, as the implications reach out over the entire globe.

A recent well known case is Michael Moore’s 9-11 Fahrenheit and many of the facts to be shown in it are already available on the internet via a program called Kazza Lite. This documentary will be available this summer thanks to a Canadian Production Company. (WATCH FOR THIS RELEASE)

Download this Kazza Lite from here, unzip it and install. (not recommended for slow connections, or those with limited download hours)

For those of you who can download these video’s, please burn them on CD and share them with everyone you know, get the facts out!

NOTE: Some of these videos require DVX to be installed on your computer.

Click Here(to download Kazza Lite)

Please note that this should never be the cheap substitute for the real program, and by not supporting the original authors, we could jeopardize future productions. Please always rent the documentary if available, or watch it at a theater if possible.

Once you have installed Kazza, click on search and enter the following titles.

9-11(banned documentary)

This is a very telling story that was silenced by certain Americans, after it was already listed to be shown in America on the Discovery Channel on May 3rd 1994. (with an update clip from 9/11)

All copies were ordered to be destroyed, however a few copies survived, this is one of them.

55 min run time


This is a very good documentary that shows the facts about President Bush, that would stagger Americans, if they only knew. This is the Greg Palast Documentary that was aired on BBC in England recently. (DVX is needed)

55 min run time

federal reserve system fraud

This is an excellent video that explains how America is completely out of control financially. This is in fact how corrupt politicians become even richer, and worse yet use it to manipulate the world.

42 min run time



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