May 012013

COTANGENT – By Daphne Cardillo

DaphneCardilloSeptember 14, 2001.  That it would take the WorldTradeCenter in New York and the Pentagon to be attacked for me to write again is quite disconcerting.  A new life discovery would have brought a more favorable shock from one’s state of slumber and not a tragedy of the ominous kind.  But the recent world event signals an alarming call—the Muslim fighters have caught up with globalization.

The communists were too headstrong and blinded they collapsed before the age of the Internet.  They could have gone global and rightly sing the workers’ International.  Not go in splinter groups and further disintegrate.  But probably history does not advance according to their predictions.

With the September 11 event, the Muslim fighters are holding ground, declaring to the world that they are here to stay, the warriors to contend with in the 21st century.

At first glance, blowing the top of the twin towers of the New York’s World Trade  Center looks like an act of jealousy.  You destroy an icon of another nation’s success, like smashing another person’s trophy.  But a suicide attack at the Pentagon was kind of making a political statement.  The U.S. government is the enemy and striking at the center of U.S. defense is like breaking into its immune system.

The September 11 event is categorized under the framework of terrorism.  What happened in New York and WashingtonD.C. was a terrorist attack.  But I doubt if the terrorist groups behind the attack consider themselves big and strong enough to terrorize America as to coerce the U.S. government into doing something according to their prescriptions.  The terrorists could merely be throwing stones at the American front yard.  And America, being rich and bountiful, appeared to have suffered such big amount of loss.

If the September 11 attack suggests a declaration of war, I am inclined to believe that the terrorists would like it to take place at the U.S. mainland.  The U.S. government always goes to war at other people’s homes, unmindful of the havoc it brings to other nations.  There was the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the II World War when the atom bomb first exploded, and the Philippine-American War when Samar was burned.

Maybe a composite group of Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Iraqis, Iranians and Palestinians (all victims of American war machine) have a dry run of sea, land, and air strike at the American home ground.  Let them all be killed for they will die anyway.  But let America have a taste of its own civilians caught in the crossfire and valuable properties razed to the ground.

It is not a call for a third world war that could turn the earth into a big mass of garbage, or Jihad in this age of religious freedom.  It’s quite like a conclusion to the Golden Rule, where you do unto others what has been done unto you. Others would simply define such probability as, justice.






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